Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy


Aki (super proud of himself) : Look, Mom! My wrist is longer now. See?! See?!




Pregnant aunt just arrived


Aki (who has been watching Voltes V): It’s Tita Buuuuuntis Five-Ah!





You know your kid really likes your favorite cartoons from your childhood, if he keeps saying


Aki (in a deep almost Megatron-like voice): Voltron, will be back after these messages…..




Aki joined his first ever retreat last month. I got a report from his lolo that it took several hours for Aki to warm up to the other kids


Me: Your lolo said you did not participate in the games at first.

Aki: Because I was shy

Me: Shy?

Aki: I am different from them.  I am a ninja, remember?




Aki was crying because he remembered that he lost one of his Beyblades during the retreat.

Me: Maybe there was a kid who was very sad because he did not have any toy. And his mommy was too poor to buy him one. I think God used you to answer that poor kid’s prayer.

Aki: Maaaaah-mi, that kid listened to the devil and stealed my toy! He is not good!


Lesson learned:  Don’t let your kid bring toys to social events or else prepare for a hot debate on morality.



I was in the sofa,  busy with my mindless surfing. The  boys turned off the lights and were about to go up to our room.



Me: Don’t leave me!!!

Aki: Don’t worry. Ghosty ghost is beside you



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