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New Family Hobbies

Happy Ninoy Aquino Day! The boys went to Franco’s neighborhood barber and left me all alone here. I wanted to come but they said they want an all-boys bonding activity. Fine! I have been telling myself for the past 2 weeks that I need to catch up on blogging anyway.

These are what we have been up to. I am glad that Franco decided to cut back on his extra curriculars and spend more time with Aki and me.


This is Mr Masa, owner of Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo in MCS. Blogged about it here. Silly Aki was trying to copy our suki’s Japanese eyes. Don’t you just love having a suki? Ate Tina and the rest of the staff in Booksale MCS,  Monique of  Good Eats in our Sunday parish tiangge, Kuya Manny and Kuya Willy of the Bicutan-Ortigas shuttles, Dom of Studio 2916, Kitkat of Kalea’s Conections.  Their special attention makes me feel important. During our last meal at Tita Em’s, Mr Masa translated the Voltes V songs for us. hihi


Franco, Aki and I probably gained a total of 25 pounds in the last couple of months, special thanks to our new hobby of supporting small entrepreneurs from our beloved community.

Here is a yummy Belgian waffle served ala mode from Milky Moustache


And these really moist and not-to-sweet red velvet crinkle sandwiches from one of the homebakers in our village. Yum-oh!


But what we really like to eat nowadays is PANCIT CANTON!! Franco re-introduced us to canton. In college, I must have eating at least 150 packs in my dorm room. When I started working, I stopped eating them. I discovered the convenience of home-cooked Washington carinderia food (no washing required!). Back to our canton obsession. We love eating canton while engrossed in our other hobby, watching 80’s movies and shows. God bless whoever invented Youtube and streaming

Here  we were eating canton while watching Ghostbuster II.



Other movies that we enjoyed recently are ET and The Karate Kid. Reminiscing our childhood would not be complete without Maskman, Bioman, Daimos, Shaider and Voltes V. Aki claims that he is Steve. I am Jamie, of course. And Franco his Big Bert.


Aside from movies, we also introduced Aki to board games. Am glad that Aki is now in that age where we can play games and he can actually win against us. I think I shared this before that board games have helped Aki a lot when it comes to dealing with losing. My kid is extremely competitive, you see.

At first, we only played with the dice games that are included in Aki’s activity books.


Now, we also play Snakes and Ladders.  Do you have board game recommendations? Please share.

There is also BINGO which helps Aki in recognizing numbers.


Lastly, we also play tic-tac-toe. When we are playing this, we also say “What is my next move?”. Maybe in a few years


Op op op op op. The boys are back. Got to go. The bingo cards are calling me.




4 thoughts on “New Family Hobbies

  1. I can relate to the washington Carinderia!! ahahaha. Working here in Makati introduced me to them! And that red velvet crinkles is absolutely yummy!!! How much are they? i think it was 100 pesos per pack in SM.

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