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Aki’s Library and Study Area {Part I}

Almost weekend! Yey!

With more than 200 likes, this is my most liked photo in Facebook for the year.


Whatchathink? Oh yes, I am fishing for comments so please leave one and make my ego so happy.

Let’s tackle this wall first.


If you read my little blog last summer, you already know who Birdie Bird or Eagle the Eagle is. Aside from the fact the I have nowhere to put it, hehe, I placed that kite there to remind Aki of the old school fun that we had during our Manila Hotel staycation.

Aki’s summer project – The Aki Ice Candy Store. Read more about it here and here. Again mega mega thanks to my favorite neighbor and sister-in-law for the cutesy caligraphy.

That chalkboard canvass is semi-handmade.


I bought blank canvass from Meriam Webster Bookstore in front of Waltermart Makati. I can’t remember exactly how much but that costs less than 200 bucks. Aki covered the canvass with chalkboard paint which you can buy from your friendly neighborhood hardware store. TIP! Some hardware and paint stores are willing to repack their paints. If the chalkboard paint tin can on display is too much for your project, ask your suki for options.

Here is a little Thursday throwback picture for you.


That’s 6-day old Aki back in 2009. He used to look like an Akira, didn’t he? Now he looks like a Bogart with his bulging tummy and low waist shorts. Too lazy to have the photo framed so I taped it directly to the wall. To make my laziness less obvious, I used Aki’s colored pens to decorate the tape.

Let’s move on to the painting and the motivational sign. These two did not come with hooks. I tried super glue and packaging tape but the string that I put on the back just won’t hold. This is where my neighbor rescued me again. She suggested putting an eyelet (oh yes, there is such a thing!)  first to a cardboard and then tying the string to it.



If you think this painting was a complicated art nouveau project, you are wrong.


I randomly placed left over paint from Aki’s last masterpiece and let the paint drip.


Lastly, THIS TOO SHALL PASS has been my mantra ever since I became a mom. Thank you to the vendor who gave the certificate of appreciation. I was able to re-use the frame.


This motto is a reminder for me that happy moments should be cherished. It is also applicable when the task at hand like pacifying a wailing infant at 3AM, seems hopeless. This Too Shall Pass also helped Aki during our 6 hour review sessions for his periodical exams. Haha

Oh siya siya. Happy weekend!

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