What To Do During Brownout

First, let me tell you what you should do BEFORE blackout/brownout. First, check your candles. Two, check your batteries. Three, charge your gadgets. Fourth, do something really nice for your husband so he will be more forgiving if you forget the first three. I learned all these during Typhoon Glenda. My super sweet husband did not fail to grab every opportunity  to remind me that it’s my fault that all we had were our unity candle from our wedding, 3 battery-less flashlights, a copy of seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones and a low-batt laptop.  I hate it when he is right……

What did you do during the brownout? Aside from reading, here is what we did

An oh-so romantic candlelit breakfast care of our wedding unity candle.


Board games. This is our newest family hobby! As I have shared before, Aki can be overly competitive. Until now, he claims that he hates the girls in his old school because the girls always won over the boys. We always remind him that losing is okay and that doing your best is what’s important. Still, even if we bombarded him with reminders, he’d get upset whenever he did not win. By playing board games with Aki, we provide him with guided opportunities to win and lose.  Shaking the hand of a winner in front of your child is 10x better than saying “it is okay to lose”. I am happy to share that Aki’s handling losing much better now.


Activity books. This 25-peso 100+ page dragon activity book gives us much-needed minutes of peace and quiet.

Tumbang preso. Did you play this when you were a kid?


When the sun is out, you can make shadows.



Lastly, when there is nothing to do, sleep early. And don’t forget to say thank you to Jesus for keeping you safe. 🙂




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