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Happiness for Me. Slow Death for Hubby

My newest addiction: lipstick shopping . This is not so me but I am surely enjoying every moment I spend in the beauty section of department stores.


What is your latest lipstick find? Thanks to Marsy, I got introduced to Ever Bilena. The orange-y lippie that I got was only 75 bucks.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Happiness for Me. Slow Death for Hubby

    1. Hahaha! i have probably owned more than 10 lipsticks before I got addicted to them. All 10, puro gifts lang. Less than 5 times ko lang siguro nagamit. The trick for me para inspired ako mag ayos, I placed a mirror in my workstation. Hehe.

  1. i’ve also started loving lipstick. na dati ay ayaw ko kasi masama ang lasa.. pero nitong tumatanda ako narealize ko na meron naman palang maayos at hindi lasang kandila. hahaha. ngayon di na ko pumapasok ng walang lipstick hahaha. my current favorite is not a lipstick actually, lip balm sya na may color. revlon balm stain. nabili ko sa navy exchange sa neighborhood ng parents ko when i went there. i tried several brands too, so far okay ako sa mac tapos sephora din, im sure you will love it sa sephora. dami colors.. kukyut. ang arte arte maging girl. hihi. 😀

    1. true! masaya pala magpaka-girl. Ako din, what i didnt like about lipsticks before ay yun sticky feeling. Pero ngayon, kebs na. sanayan at kapalan lang ng mukha.
      ang di ko kinakaya ay mag-heels! an dami kong paltos ngayon kase I wore my 1.5 inch sandals to work. Sexy pero ang sakit!

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