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Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat

To everyone who panicked because I said last year that Uniwide was about to close its doors forever, I AM SORRY. I am happy to report that Uniwide is still operational. I don’t know whatever happened to that SEC order. I am just glad that all of us bargain hunters will still get to experience that joy of finding really cute items at  unbelievably low prices.


Last weekend, we were back in my happy place. We have not been to Uniwide Coastal in a long while because the Sucat branch is a mere 20 minute drive from our house. Here are my favorite finds.


Looking for gifts for kids? Look no more.  Here are cute tents. If I remember correctly, the Star Wars tent used to cost only 199 bucks. Now it is being sold at PhP399. Still not bad, right?  If you have the space, get this 7-piece tent set. For only 799, this would definitely encourage exercise and imagination in young children.



If you have picky eaters ( Thank you, Lord. I am done with that phase.), you might like my top picks from the melaware section. I got the Minnie Mouse plate for my Mickey-and-Minnie-loving niece Rya. The other plate, although it is not in English, might help teach kids and even adults about eating the right portions.




This Petter Rabbit tray would make a cute addition if you have a book-themed party. Only 59 bucks



Helmet and knee pads for your pink-loving biker girl. Aki got 2 of these Bakugan-like toys. Don’t know what Bakugan is? Aaaay, you are not cool.



If your name is Tony, Rory, Troy, Nory, Ryan, Arya, Ton-ton, Ron-ron or Tororo, I am ordering you to visit Uniwide Sucat now!


These are the only available letters. Aren’t they cute? These will cost you at least 4x more if you are lucky enough to find them in your favorite mall.


After much deliberation, I decided to buy the blue ceramic pan because of its country stationery-ish feel. It is oven-safe according to the label at the bottom so I can use it when my baking mojo returns.


Do you know what these are? I don’t know what they are called. You place your ladle, fry turner or tasting spoon on them during cooking.


This is for my very first attempt to make banana bread. I have been planning that attempt for about 3 years now.


And these 12-peso glasses are the very reason for the trip. We already broke the 8 glasses that I bought last year. I hope the 10 that I just bought will last for at least 10 months.


Even though, we are not the best handlers of glass, I am still dreaming of switching to these clear glass plates.


While I was unloading my finds at the cashier, I spotted this baking pan set. This is would make a nice housewarming gift, don’t you think?


That’s it. I did not roam around as much as I used to because the boys were, as usual, impatiently waiting. Still, I am so happy with my finds. I told Franco that I won’t spend more than PhP500 . I oh-so-happily failed. I spent PhP530. Hehe. Not bad, right?








16 thoughts on “Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat

  1. Oh my, tagal ko na hindi pumupunta sa Uniwide! Was just thinking the other day kung open pa siya haha! Must schedule a trip there asap hehe. And same tayo ng problem sa glasses! Halos ubos na din amin, parang 4 ata nabasag in 1 week! ;p

    1. You are so lucky you are so close to Uniwide! Pwedeng isingit after doing the groceries. Maybe I will bump into you in Uniwide one of these days 🙂

  2. Sa Uniwide Coastal Mall naman ako nakapunta before at nakabili ng letter E doon and other cute stuff. Pag nalift na ang shopping fast ko, babalik ako sa Uniwide! 🙂

    1. Edelweiza, naku shopping fast does not work for me. After a long break, nababawi rin whatever I saved during the fast.
      good luck!

    1. Naku, Roxi, habang wala pa si baby #2, gorabelles ka na sa Uniwide. I checked if may branches sa north, unfortunately, waley. If magagawi ka as MOA, mga 15 minutes away lang ang main branch nila. You dont need extra money. For sure matutuwa ka sa mabibili mo khit 100 lang dala mo. Ang kailangan mo ay will power not to buy more. 🙂

      Type na type ko rin ang tent!

  3. hindi pala ako cool kasi di ko alam ang bakugan… 😦 ano ba kasi yun? ahhaha.. mai-google nga.. 😀

  4. Uniwide!!! If only their branch in Libis is still operational 😉 As much as I want to visit, I’m living way up North haha Uniwide is my happy place too.

    1. Diane, I checked the branches kung merong malapit sayo. Unfortunately, waley. I am sure the trip to Coastal is worth the hassle. Meet up tayo nina LEah!

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