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A Letter from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Oh me! Oh my! I am so so happy!

Remember the letter and drawing that we sent to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society back in May? We received a reply!


Aside from the letter, we also got several fun stuff.

A postcard. I taped this on the wall so Aki can see it every time he is studying.




I like that even small kids can contribute to the cause in their own little way.


This is Aki’s favorite — whale origami.


Thanks to the detailed instructions, he can now make origami on his own.


We will send our whales to WDC. They will send the paper whales to politicians to show them that a lot of people care about the welfare of these animals.


These are the ones we made on our first night.


If you have kids, it would be great if you can encourage them to make whale origami too. You may send them to me. Aki and I will take care of mailing them to the UK. Or you may send your origami directly to WDC.  You will find the address in one of the pictures above.









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