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First Week Back at Work


A few days before I went back to work, I experienced some withdrawal symptoms. I was not ready to say goodbye to my temporary stay-at-home-mom-hood. Now, I realize that I wasted my energy worrying. One, there was no point. There was no choice. Even if my heart said no, my wallet was shouting NOW! Hehe. While Franco is doing a great job providing for the family’s needs and wants, my salary is what we invest for our retirement fund. I think everyone will agree that it is better to work now and relax during retirement rather than, relax now and worry about finances when we get old. And two, work was not as toxic as I expected. Sure, there are 6000 emails that I will never finish reading. There will always be work left undone. But what is important is the work that gets done, the relationship that  you have with your colleagues and bosses and the fullfilment from knowing that you were part of someone’s journey to success.


Here are some highlights from my first week.

Brunch with two of my favorite people at work. We have been together for 10 years!!



I realized that after 10 years, this is the first time that I am blessed to have a view.



Wednesdays are for family nights. At exactly 5:17PM, we are home from work. Life is good. I hope Franco and I can keep Wednesdays sacred.



I went to Franco’s office for my first cervical cancer vaccine shot.

Maghanap ka ng di marunong mag-selfie
Maghanap ka ng di marunong mag-selfie


Met with buyers from my online garage sale. Nice to meet you, Ruby and April


Later that day, I attended my first every Power of the Praying Wife prayer meeting. 🙂



Saturday, I got Aki a proudly Pinoy-made bag that I hope he will use until the 6th Grade.


What kept me busy aside from work was the orphanage visit that I organized. This is the most fullfiling project that came out from my medical leave.


Will blog about it soon.

6 thoughts on “First Week Back at Work

  1. Hello Ms. Maqui! Congrats on you new job! I love everything that has been happening to you and your family. I would want to know if you knew of a Praying wife group that I can attend to here in Davao City? I would love to join in a group like that.

    1. Donna, please call me Maqui. It is not really a new job. I just went back to work after my medical leave.
      Naku, I don’t know about the praying wife group in Davao. Maybe you can read the book and start a group with Maan. 🙂

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