Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms


My four year old son’s honesty, curiosity and innocence get me laughing or get us in trouble.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for everyone
Thank you for our toys
Thank you for the prayers
Thank you for giving us something
I like you because you are good
I like you because you listen to me
Thank for you for everything I like
Jesus help me become a good boy every day
And super super super super huggy you (hugs himself, pretending he’s hugging Jesus)
What are the different kinds of clouds?





Aki: Daddy is wasting our time!
Me: Huh?
Aki: Because he loves us.
Me: Huh?!



Aki: I want to marry you but I am not an adult yet



During our writing drills….

Aki – I can’t do this!
Me: Yes, you can. Just do it. Don’t think about it too much.
Aki: How can I stop thinking? I have a brain, remember?!!!


Crying after he tripped….

Aki: I fell because the power of the armadillo did not work!!



Talking to his jujitsu instructor….

Aki: Excuse me. My brief is stuck to my pwet.


Talking to his dentist…

Aki: Excuse me, Doc. Are you kalbo?



Me – Aki, Tita Jana said you include her in your prayers

Aki – She’s your sister. You pray for her.

Me – I will but you should too.

Aki – Okaaaay, okaaaaaay. I will forget so you remember to make me not forget


In short, remind me. Another title in my resume — my son’s secretary.



While his lolo is reading a story for Aki..

Aki – Lolo Tay, I don’t like your voice. It is so weird.


Aki – Do you have a job na?

Tita – Not yet. It is not easy to find one.

Aki – I have a job. I am a remote fixer. That is my job. You can have a job (by) selling bananas…. and apples too!



While eating in Jollibee..

Aki – I have an invisible friend. He copies me all the time. I found him in my playroom. He stays under our bed.

Me (trying not to show him that I am scared): I told you I don’t like invisible friends!

Aki – But  Mummy, Ghosty Ghost is a good ghost.


He never mentioned it again. I think this imaginative episode was because of the Casper Movie (Hello to my fellow Devon Sawa fans) that we watched recently.



Aki: You are a female and I am a mailman


Met a mommy in Aki’s school…

Me: What’s the name of your boy

Mommy Friend: Santi

Aki: Oh that sounds like panty!



Me: Lets pray for Tita Candy
Aki: Candy?
Me: Yes, that’s the name of my friend.
Aki: I think I want to lick your friend.



After helping him….

Aki: You are such a gentle-mommy-man, Mom!




Me: Aki, I am so sad.

Aki: Why? (then sits on my lap)

Me: Remember when Emily became an angel? My doctor told me to stop working and rest. I had so much fun here with you. On Monday, I go back to work. When you wake up, I will be gone. I will see you when I get home in the afternoon. blah blah blah …. Will you be okay here?

Aki: Ok. Can you now fix my dragon? (hands me over his Toothless dragon toy)


5 thoughts on “Akisms

  1. Wahahahahaha! Dami kong tawa kay Aki! In fairness ah maabilidad si Aki tinuturuan ang tita nya pano kumita ng panty..este money! Nahawa nako kay Aki! LOL!

    PS: Baka naman tlga totoo ung imaginary friend ni Aki. Hihihi

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