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Insurance for your Kasambahay? Why not!!

No mommy friends get-together is complete without dedicating at least 15 minutes for rants about our kasambahay or our kid’s yayas. Lucky me, I am very happy with Ate Doring who celebrated her 2nd year with us last April. Before she came into our lives, we had 6 helpers in 6 months. Major headache, I tell ya. Ate Doring is not perfect but we love her. And I want to think that she loves us back.


Once you have found the perfect/almost perfect/pwede na yaya, the next challenge is keeping her. On top of her convertible vacation leaves and annual salary appraisal,  we keep Ate Doring happily employed by supporting her rakets. She gets additional income by doing chores for my sisters-in-law. She also sells plastic and paper scraps. Whenever we have the chance, we bring home empty plastic bottles for her. And starting this month, we turned over Aki’s Ice Candy business to her.


Recently, we discovered an insurance product that we added to Ate’s compensation and benefits package.


Kasambahay is a group yearly renewable term plan from Manulife. You can choose from Plan 285, Plan 410 and Plan 660. For only PHP 660 a year, in the event that something happens to Ate, her  dependents will receive the following:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit – Php 200,000
Death Benefit – PhP 40,000
Total and Permanent Disability Benefit – Php 20,000
Burial Benefit – PHP 20,000


I wish I discovered this product when Manang Lydia was still with us. To those who do not know her, like Ate Doring, she was like family to us. A few weeks before she was set to return, she died because of a car accident. 😦

We are great believers of the importance of being insured. My dad died when I was two years old. A month before the fatal car crash, he got insurance also from Manulife. I can’t imagine the pain, shock and fear that my mom, a widow at 28 years old with 2 small kids, had to face.  The significant amount that she got from the insurance company greatly helped us get back on our feet.


If you don’t have insurance yet, I suggest that you get one ASAP. You may want to read about our insurance-shopping experience.  Here is the link


4 thoughts on “Insurance for your Kasambahay? Why not!!

  1. Okay ‘to ah! You also give SSS and Philhealth benefits to your helper? We just got a new one and I’m wondering when we should start with her benefits. I read somewhere after 3 months of staying with you. Kasi naman nga ayokong magasikaso rin ng kung ano-ano tapos iiwan kami. What do you think?

    1. First they need to have a birth certificate and valid ID, yun ang cause ng delay samin.
      Honestly, I think it is better to wait for a couple of months before processing government benefits. Alam mo naman, ang mga helpers, swertihan. Minsan, mawawala parang bula. Yun mother in law ko, after maghulog in advance, iniwan ng helper niya. Sino ba namang di maiinis.

  2. Naku Maqui parehas tayo! Last weekend we were handed fliers of that Manulife insurance in SM. Sobrang sulit! Additional incentive siya for our kasambahays

    1. And ang maganda pa sa kanya, no exams and documents required. For regular insurance, when you reach 40 yo, for approval pa ang application.
      Kuha mo rin si Mang Porting. I heard lagi na dedeny ang insurance application ng drivers. 🙂

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