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First Day High

Today, Aki went to school without Ate Doring or me, accompanying him. First time ever. The service van arrived 20 minutes earlier than schedule. Aki just stepped out of the bathroom. Ate and I dressed him in a hurry. He was holding one shoe, trying to figure out if it should go to left or to the right foot. I grabbed the shoe and put it on his foot. Aki got upset and said,” Mummy! You are not a good mommy. I want to wear the shoes by myself. I can do it.” That was the first time he told me that I am not good. I was stunned. I realized that I was not being a good parent by doing something for my son that he can do on his own. I apologized, removed his shoes and gave them to him. I went to the door and told the driver’s assistant that we will be out in a minute. When I turned around, Aki was already wearing his shoes. I gave him his bag, kissed him on the cheek, said I love you and whisked him away.

Hay hay. Where did that helpless demanding baby go?

We have been preparing him for the big school since summer started. We have been telling him that he’d be going to the same school that his dad, uncles and most of his godfathers attended.

Our daily drills included writing his name and A to Z’s. We also have a lot of on-the-spot Q&A’s. What do you say if you have a classmate who looks different from everyone? What if you have a classmate who does not have friends? What if your classmates won’t let you join their game? What if your classmate can’t carry his things? What if you have a classmate who likes to play with dolls? What if someone tries to bully you? What do you when someone tries to punch you? I posted a snippet of our Q&A in my Instagram in case you want to see. I hope he remembers everything we taught him — friendliness, tolerance, handling rejection, and self-defence.

Days before school started, we went to his barber.


Ate bought “aircool’ sandos and socks in the market.

I covered his books, wrote our last name on each side and taped the sharp corners. The only fun part  was when I slid my scissors thru the plastic cover but the rest of the process is just boring. I hate it when I realize too late that I did not allot enough allowance.


Aki tried on his uniform.

Patay! I went back to the school last minute to get new pants.
My little kundoktor ng bus! We posted a video of him in IG where he was shouting Cubao! Cubao! Maluwag!


So the most awaited day finally came.

I made sure that we kept our first-day-of-school traditions

First-day-of-school cupcake with last minute frosting. I simply boiled evaporated milk in a small pan and added chocolate chips.


Homemade cookies.


I made more on the second day for his busmates. I heard that a lot of bullying happens in school buses so I wanted to see for myself. I told the school service operator that all hell will break loose if they allow my son to be picked on. Franco has told me enough all-boys-school horror stories to keep me paranoid. Miss Mercy assured me that her staff attended the anti-bullying workshop from the school and give special attention to the younger passengers. I was also told that the boys on Grade 5 and 6 are the ones who tend bully. I am happy to report that Aki’s busmates were mostly on Grade 2 and 3 and 3rd and 4th Year High School. The boys seemed very nice and very polite when I talked to them. I hope they stay that way.


Picture with the FDoS sign.




Part II tomorrow 🙂

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