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The Gift of An Ordinary Morning Tuesdate

Good morning!

For the past 2 days, I have been waking up at around 4AM. I think this is my  body’s way of telling me  to get ready to return to work. Well, Body, stop it. Let me overstay in this bed while I still have the license to do so.

Let me pretend just for today that I don’t have any backlogs. Here is how  my Tuesdate with Aki yesterday went.

Aki woke up late. Eight AM is late by our standards because we are early risers. We wake up on or before 6AM. The two extra hours allowed me to read 50 pages of my Power of Praying Parent book.

As soon as he was up, I told him we are going to have a date. He ate breakfast and  changed into better looking pambahays. We were to do a lot of walking around the neighborhood so I wanted both of us to be very comfortable dressed.


Meet my dates – Aki, Bulkhead and Megatron. If you guys remember, these two robots were our surprise birthday gifts last year.  I guess that makes the extra calories from eating 3 happy meals worth it.


Isn’t this smile much much better than his smile back in February?


First order of the day, buy tape from the neighborhood bookstore.


It is that time of the year again when I have to do my motherly role of covering Aki’s books with plastic wrapper. Funny thing is when I got home I realized that my new tape is too big for my tape dispenser and that my tape dispenser still has a fresh roll. Not only that, I ran out of plastic cover so I need to make another trip  again today.


The highlight of the bookstore trip is this picture.



It was Aki’s first close encounter with a policeman. Thank you, Sir, for posing gamely. When the policeman left, I had a mild headache after Aki asked me to explain  the difference of a policeman from a security guard and a soldier.

I wondered for a second if my son would be afraid. Growing up, I always heard the adults tell kids to behave or else the policemen will get them. We never used such threat with Aki so he was not scared at all. A semi threat/tactic that I often employ when Aki keeps running whenever we are inside a mall is I talk to mall guards and ask if I can leave Aki with them while I  shop. This usually makes Aki come running to me. The guards think I am joking but actually, I am not. That was a serious desperate plea. Hahaha.


From the bookstore, we walked a few steps to the nearest lotto booth!


Never underestimate the power of a praying kid. I tell you, God really listens to Aki’s specific prayers. I am so so amazed. If you include my pregnancy with Emily, 7 out of 7  wishes were answered. We changed the prayer for the next baby from Jesus, give us a baby (which He did) to Jesus, please give us a happy healthy baby when we are ready. And since Aki’s prayers are heard and answered, I asked him to include winning in the lotto. 🙂 Please include us in your prayers too. And if you want to be included in Aki’s prayers, drop me a note.

Next, bank!


I am pleased to report that Aki earned almost PhP 1500 in his ice candy store last month. Mega special thanks to our VP for operations and marketing, Ate Doring for getting resellers and for befriending our neighbors.

While Aki has had a kiddie bank account with Metrobank since he was one, yesterday’s trip was only his third. What I do is to collect his cash gifts and once the pool reaches the minimum, I get higher-yielding  unit investment trust funds or UITFs.  The first UITFs that I got for Aki back in 2011 has already earned  60%. Not bad, right?


Back to his bank account, whenever we are in Metrobank to deposit, I go straight to the new accounts desks instead of getting a queue number for the tellers. I don’t want the other customers to hate us for taking forever to count our coins.  Plus, the counter of the tellers is too high for Aki.  Read here to know why I chose the Metrobank’s Kiddie Saver Program.

And to cap off our Tuesdate, we had merienda in the Ministop  branch just outside our village.

My ultimate favorite food item from Ministop is their cheesecake sundae. Unfortunately, they are not offering that anymore. So for now, this is my new favorite, Halo-halo Chillz with sweeted fruits and sundae. Perfect for this hot hot hot weather.


The jumbo siopao that Aki and I shared. It is official. He is a bola-bola lover like his mummy.


I wish we can stay like this forever. No school for Aki and no work for me. Until that happens permanently, I can only wish and pray that I will win in the lotto someday.







6 thoughts on “The Gift of An Ordinary Morning Tuesdate

  1. ang sarap naman ng merienda nyo – halo-halo chilz & the bola-bola siopao! 🙂

    aki looks so happy, maqui! i hope too that you win the lotto para daily na yung bonding time nyo . 🙂

  2. This is so cute! I love to have that quality time with my kids since I’m a working mom. But I see to it during weekends, my time is always with them. Nakaka guilty lumabas ng bahay at mag-enjoy sa sarili ko while my kids are just at home….again.

    1. Super agree! Before I went on medical leave, andaming plano but it is so hard to find time when you are working. And even if there are invites to go out with friends, super nakakaguilty

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