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Field Trip

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s June already?

Aki starts school next week. I am both excited and sad. It just seems like yesterday when we were playschool hunting. In few days, I am sending him off to the big school. He will meet new friends and new teachers. From a class of 16 students, he will now have almost 40 classmates. His old school was progressive. His big school is traditional. Haaay. How I wish I can watch him 24/7.

Anyhoot, before Aki’s school year starts, let me tackle my last small-school post.
Aki joined his first ever school field trip last February.


Here are the contact info of the travel agent in case you need one.


As it was his first and last in his old school, I made myself available to be his chaperone for the day.

First stop, Balik Bukid. Yey! It was our second time to visit the farm. See my post on our playdate and photoshoot there 2 years ago here. Nice to know that although there were additional activities, overall nothing much has changed.


Rabbit and hamster feeding. FYI. The hamsters (or are there Guinea pigs?) were greedy eaters and almost bit Aki’s fingers.



Fishing. I caught a tilapia as big as my hand but was not able to take a picture.

Chocnut, the Carabao.


At the sandbox. Back in the bus, I found sand in every corner of his body…. behind the ears, between his toes, in his armpits. Days after the field trip, we still kept finding sand in our things.


But of all the activities in the farm, Aki loved horseback riding the most. He rode the horses 4 times. His favorite horse is Glemor.



No matter how loud Aki shouted, ” Giddy Up!”, the horse did not run. Hehe


Haciendero Helio

Goodbye, Fun Farm! We had fun. Hope to be back soon!

After Balik Bukid, the buses brought us to the Gardenia factory. Unfortunately, no pictures because cameras are not allowed inside.

Here is Aki and his crush, Kylie outside the factory.

From Sta Rosa, we all went to Tagaytay. Parents and kids were very tired by this time. The kids from running, and parents from chasing. Most of us were asleep during the trip.
Last stop was Skyranch. You can think of it as a smaller Enchantedd Kingdom with a view. This would be a nice place to visit late in the afternoon or in the evening. However, since we were there past lunch time when the sun was in its hottest, I did wish that the side trip was not part of the itinerary.


Skyranch was not educational but the kids did have fun.

Aki, Geo and Johan dancing in the stairs while the music was playing loudly.


Since I am corny, we did not try any of the exciting rides. Aki did go inside a floating ball.


And we did ride the oh-so-boring choo choo train.


Can I just say, I am so thankful that Aki is over this awkward smile phase.

Most of the time, he was running with his classmates.

The biggest adventure for me though was when Aki needed to pee.



He is in that stage where he does not want to try anything girl-related. That includes peeing in the ladies’ room. He’d rather pee in his pants than go to toilet with me. Going to the men’s was not an option because there were a lot of people inside the men’s. So when Geo’s dad offered to help, I gladly accepted.



Some tips for field trip first timers

– If your kid is still in preschool, consider joining. I heard some big schools do not allow chaperones.

– Bring a cap, umbrella, extra shirts, fan, sunblock, lots of water and wet face towel (or wipes).

– Pee before going to the next destination. And if your kid can, make him poop before leaving the house.

– Befriend other parents. New friends will help you watch over your kid while you buy drinks or go to the restroom.

– If you will let your kid run, make sure it is clear to him up to where he can go.

– For your packed lunch, bring something that you can eat with one hand. Aki got hungry before it was time for lunch so we ate in the bus. Sandwiches are good options.

– Make sure you have the teachers’ mobile numbers saved in your phone.  Even though you are on the same bus, if there are 30 plus jumping/crying/laughing kids, it’s hard to communicate.

– Have a plastic or paper bag for your trash. I think it is very inconsiderate when passengers leave their trash on the bus floor.

– Try not to bring too many bags. Remember, on top of carrying your bags, you still have to look after your kid.

– Have fun and take a lot of pictures! This could be the last time that you will get to join a field trip.
And that is my last playschool related posts. Big school, here we come!









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