Mid-Year Organizing Resolutions

After 6 months of on-off spring cleaning, we are finally having our much awaited garage sale this weekend. I can’t wait to find new owners for our excess blessings. We are also visiting an orphanage next month. I hope the 13 kids with ages 2-10 will love Aki’s old toys. If you have preloved blankets, school bags, toys or anything you want to share, just drop me a note in the comment box. I’d be more than willing to meet up with you to get the items. Or maybe we can go to the orphanage together:) Do I sense a playdate? Paging my fellow playdate organizers Maggie and Sha

Anyhoo, today I’d like to share that I have implemented 3 systems to  manage the clutter and stress in our house. These are my mid-year OC resolutions which I may or may not continue. Haha

First, I tackled the bills bills bills. Don’t you just hate them? Because we didn’t have a filing system before, I had to deal with 2 paper bags full of  statements of account, some dating back to 2011.  I read somewhere that for bills, we just have to keep them for one year. I sorted the bills based on date. Those issued more than a year ago were burned. Sorry, Mother Nature. This will be the one and only time that  we will choose protection from identity theft over you. Promise. Next time, we maybe will buy a shredder.

Anyways, I sorted the bills per institution. I then sorted each pile chronologically. The idea is that every time we add a new bill to the pile, we have to get rid of the oldest bill which is at the bottom. Also, we put all the sorted bills in an open box beside our closet, where it can haunt us everyday.


Then I tackled my overwhelming reading materials. Many times have I seen a recipe that calls for a special ingredient. Once I have that special ingredient, I will put in my pantry shelf where it will rest in peace until months after its expiration date when I rediscover it again. Or sometimes, I do get to use 5 tablespoons of hoisin sauce in that Chinese dish that I wanted to try but whatever happened to the rest of the bottle, I will never know.

So here is what I did. I collected all the magazines and cookbooks that I want to read or reread.When I see a recipe that I want to try, I take a picture of it. After reading the magazine, I mark it with a black dot to remind me that I am done with that magazine. As for the pictures, they will be organized per type in a folder in my laptop with the help of an Excel file or Google document……. someday. Haha. Seriously, the file was not as easy as I thought. I use a camera to take pictures which means I need to transfer the picture from the SD card to the laptop. Then, I need to sort pictures into the recipe folders and update the file. If there are other things that you want to do, a special recipe file is the last thing you want. And based on experience, the more complicated a system is, the more likely that it will not be followed.  Hopefully, my new phone (Thanks, Globe!) which I should get anytime soon, comes with features that will help me organize pictures.

Lastly, it was my ever cluttered bags turn for an OC fix. I got this tip from Sieggy. I grouped the usual contents to two groups. The bigger pouch has my wallet, office ID, keys, eco bag, foldable fan, feminine pads and alcohol. The smaller leather pouch, which I got from The Soshal Network (Thank you TSN!), has my make up arsenal.Whenever I need to change bags, I just transfer my pouches. Why didn’t I think of this before???



Wanna see what’s inside? No? Sorry, I am forcing you because I want you to look and give me your thoughts.

Here is what I have now.I have to replace the make up that I got last year since they are already expired. Also, after my very first make up kit,  I have come to realize  that I want to keep the morning beautification process as simple as possible. After my moisturizer, I just want to quickly dab my face with powder or foundation. On regular office days, I don’t have the patience for BB creams or liquid foundation since  a ton of emails are waiting for me. As much as possible, I want to avoid powder, creams and blushes that need brushes. Two to three strokes of blush on each cheek then lipstick then smile and I should be done.

Here is my kikay kit for this year.


Nothing much but I have to start somewhere, right? I am hoping to grow my collection and I need your inputs on what brands and color to wear. I have a weakness for very nice salesladies. The one in the Maybelline booth hypnotized me into buying her powder foundation, blush and lipsticks. I am not complaining ha. Maybelline is just within my budget and so far I am happy with my purchase. Franco is the one who is not very happy with my hot pink lipstick. Hehe.

Because it was mother’s day, he did not have the nerve to tell me that he hated the bright lipstick on me. So when he saw a Mary Kay booth in his office building, he got me a lipstick in a color he likes. Sweet noh? When I tried on the lippie, it looked like I have lipgloss on my lips. Hehe.

So now tell me, what are your favorite lipsticks and blushes?


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