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Manila Staycation VII: Manila Cathedral

We have come to the seventh and final installment of our Manila Hotel staycation series. Did you read the last 6 posts or did you just look at the pictures? I don’t know how travel bloggers do it. From choosing from the hundreds of pictures to looking for other synonyms for fun and beautiful, writing about getaways is a lot of hard work.

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Part II – Manila Hotel

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Part VI – Kalesa Ride and Kite-flying


Our last morning in Manila Hotel. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


We woke up early to attend the 7AM mass at the newly renovated and reopened Manila Cathedral.  Know more about the cathedral’s history here. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Family picture before mass. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA




Aside from the details,  what I noticed immediately is that the church was not jam-packed with mass goers. There were a lot of people but I was expecting there would be more since the church is an important part of our history. Our theory is that since there is a number of nearby churches (Paco, Malate, San Agustin, Binondo and the one near MOA) , Catholics in the area are dispersed.

Moving on…

Most old churches feel gloomy inside but Manila Cathedral is different. It is very bright and maaliwalas inside.


Immaculate Concepcion GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

This reminded me of Emily. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I love the details and patterns of the arches

My favorites


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Does anyone know where can I get a painting of the Our Lady of the Philippines?

After admiring the church, we went back to hotel for our breakfast buffet at Cafe Ilang-ilang. Mental Note: Must go back before Aki’s birthday in October. Only meals of  kids 4 years and below are free.   Again, no picture. Sorry. I was so busy stuffing my mouth with smoked salmon fillets.  Yyyyyyummmm!!


Back at the room, once I have finished packing our stuff, I made sure that I was able to collect each and every free item that I can take home. Hihi.


You think I am bad? You have to meet my relatives. We have several Philippine Airlines blankets at home. Hehe. My aunts and uncles took them home before the airline company made it official that blankets must be left behind.   Aside from the ones that you see here, I also kept 2 rolls of toilet paper, 1 box of facial tissues, 3 pencils, 3 bull clips, 2 used Acca Kappa mini soap bars and all the empty bubble bath and water bottles. I asked housekeeping if I can also take the stapler and highlighter but I was told that I might get charged.


Thank you, Manila Hotel for the memorable weekend getaway.


Even without the souvenirs, I felt that my money was well spent during my 3 day stay. We will definitely return.


Cabildo corner Beaterio, Intramuros, Manila

Sunday Mass Schedule
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
08:30 AM – 09:30 AM
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
06:00 PM – 07:00 PM

PS  Manila Hotel and BDO’s buy-one-get-one promo is only until end of the month.




Other nearby attractions that we have visited in the past are


Manila Zoo

Manila Ocean Park. (Part I and II) You must include Fish Spa and Penguin-feeding in your to-do list when you go to MOP

Museong Pambata





7 thoughts on “Manila Staycation VII: Manila Cathedral

  1. I read the entire series! I work in Manila but I seldom explore the place. If money will not be a problem, I want to have a staycation in Manila Hotel too. Hopefully I can save up for it.

    PS I can’t wait for your post about Aki’s preparations for the big school 😉

  2. i should suggest to Mike about having a family staycation too since he also doesn’t like traveling kahit kating kati na ang paa kong gumala. Thanks for sharing Maqui!

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