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Manila Staycation Part V: National Museum

Part I – Planetarium
Part II – Manila Hotel
Part III – Rizal Park
Park IV – Morning @ Manila Hotel


If ever you will check in at the Manila Hotel, do inquire about their free shuttle service to guests going to nearby attraction.

We arrived at 2PM in National Museum. Lucky us, entrance is free for the whole month of May so we did not have to pay.


Even though I don’t know how to appreciate paintings, I still enjoyed our museum tour. Mega thanks to this history buff.

The most famous masterpiece is Juan Luna’s Spoliarium, the biggest painting on canvas in the country. Learn more about it here.


What do you think?


As I was saying, I wish I know how to appreciate art.

I did take Art Appreciation in UP Diliman but only got to attend 2 classes. That was at the height of the Estrada (then president of the country, now mayor of Manila)  impeachment. My professor, who was an activist, was out most of the time.


I know  it when a window, a staircase or small details in the interiors are beautiful but when it comes to art especially modern or abstract painting, I am clueless.

Sometimes, I look at a painting and it is the frame that I can’t stop staring at. Hihi.


What I do like is history. 


Did you know that Juan Luna killed his wife because he caught her cheating  with another man?

Another Juan Luna masterpiece that we liked is The Parisian Life.


The three men in the painting are Rizal, Luna and another friend of theirs. The lady, according to Wikipedia, is a prostitute. Hmm, interesting. Learn more about the painting here.


The whole tour took less than 2 hours.  From NM, we took to jeep going to Luneta.


Up next, my favorite 3 hours of our getaway.


National Museum
P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM





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