The Confident Talent Show First-timer

Last last week, Aki joined the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. One of the highlights was the talent show. So proud of Aki because he performed confidently in front of everyone.


If I were to make a list of top 5 key traits that I’d like my son to have, one of them would definitely be confidence. Growing up, I was a very insecure and shy kid. I did not  join any interest clubs because I felt I was not good enough for them. I hated public speaking, even simple class recitations. I want Aki to be the opposite. I want him to have courage to try even if the task at hand seems difficult. I want him to be able to speak his mind. I want him to communicate effectively. Even at a young age, I encourage him to do things or say things for himself. Simple things like practicing him on what he wants to say or ask tellers, tricycle drivers and  sales clerks and even  saying hello to strangers especially senior citizens really help a lot.

Last Saturday, we were at Le Petit Cherie. Aki enjoyed his croissant and wanted one more.  I told him that he has to go to the counter and place the order himself. Aki was feeling intimidated because there were five waiters and waitresses by the counter. He wanted me to place the order for him. First, we practiced what he needed to say. Aki tried to get me to agree to his silly deals. Mummy, if you order, I will share my bread with you… If you go with me, they will give you a bonus prize…. Please please my cutie cutie mummy. The last one was difficult to say no to. I had to remind myself that the moment was a good opportunity to teach a life lesson. Just do it. That is what I keep telling Aki all the time ( especially when he is using delaying tactics when we are doing writing exercises). It took Aki several attempts. He would say hi to the staff and then run back to me. Or he would go to the counter and then sit on the floor. I think he wanted the waitress to start the conversation. Then, he did it. Flawlessly, in his little boy voice, he asked the 5 wait staff, ” Siskyusmee (excuse me), I would like to order one more croissant please. Thank you”.  When he went back to our table, he was wearing the biggest smile. I just love it when he is so proud of himself.

Back to the talent show. We rarely sing and dance in the house so those two talents were not even considered. There were two options. He can  perform his martial arts techniques or he can build a robot on the spot. I would have preferred the first so that it would also be  father-son act and also a chance for Franco to market the academy which will be opening real soon. Aki chose the later.  Since he makes robots and other inventions out of junk his pile of toys all the time, we did not have to practice. Aki just had one request. He wanted to wear his Harry Potter robe.

Prior the performance, I made a list of Q&A questions that the talent show host needed to ask Aki before and after building the robots.

During the performance, we played Rock You and We are the Champions. These are Aki’s pump up songs. We play them when we want him to hurry up, when we want him to wake up and when he is about to attend his bully-proof class.

For the props, we just brought his rocking horse and a bunch of toys.

My boy in action



He named this robot Snapsword II. Nickname is  Znap. And those are not boobs. According to Aki, those are canons.


When he was done, he told everyone about Znap. Znap is a boxing and fishing robot which comes with invisible instructions. He said many things about its special features and weapons. The only thing that I remember is that it has dinosoar friends inside its chest. The dinos keep the robot clean.


Later, the other kiddie crew kids gathered around to check out Aki’s work of art.


Aki was the first to perform. All the girls except for one, sang Let It Go. Hehe. Franco was saying that he went to McDo that day, not knowing the song. After the talent show, he already memorized the lyrics.

And so out of 14 kids, Aki placed second!


We are so proud of you, Aki!



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