Aki's Preschool Years

My Son Loves Me Because

While we were eating junk food (bad mommy, I know. In my defense, we rarely eat chips in the house.), I told Aki that he will get one potato chip for every answer to this question: Why do you love me?


Here is what he said

I love you because you listen to me.
…because you turn on the fan
…because you make really cool things and you bake anything
…because you hug me and you kiss me
I love it when you taking pictures at me


I  love you because I love you

I love you because you love me.
I want to draw a heart for you.

I love you because you are the best
and you are the best because you are the prettiest. 🙂



To all mommies who read my blog, I hope your kids will overwhelm you tomorrow with love, gratitude, hugs and kisses.



4 thoughts on “My Son Loves Me Because

  1. Awwww… Sweet Aki.
    Happy Mother’s Day to the most creative and hands on mom I’ve ever known. Aki is so lucky to have a mom like you. 🙂

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