Stay-at-home-mommy-ing (Week 3)

I am getting the hang of this stay-at-home-mommy-ing thing.  During the first two weeks of my leave, I got slightly irritated whenever at the end of the day, Franco asked,”Anong balita?” (What’s up?). I did everything and nothing. One minute, I was having fun. Next minute, I was bored. I saw updates from FB friends and bloggers I don’t even know but know nothing about what is happening at work. Maybe because I did not expect to go on leave that soon, I was not able to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming major change in my pace. I want to think I have somewhat adjusted. Now, I feel empowered and accomplished because I get to do the things that I did not have time for when I was busy with work.


Here is what I  did on the third week of my medical leave:

Made a to-do-list. There are so many things that I want and need to do. Checking items on this list calms me and inspires me get things done.


Got the required documents from our company’s HR department (my department!) and processed my Philhealth benefit reimbursement. Did you know that you have to wait for 2-3 months before you receive reimbursements from Philhealth? Lesson learned: Always check Philhealth requirements before or upon hospital admission.

Won in Sha’s blog giveaway and got inspired to start joining contests again.

Finished this book. Have you read this book? Did you like it? Me not so much.


Made coffee jelly ice candy

Booked our summer getaway! So so so excited!

Came up with a new way to organize our bills. This deserves its own blog post.

Went to Booksale. Twice.

Had another blood test. Thank you, Lord for your healing hands.

Started purging the open shelves in our bedroom.

Found my hidden stash of EQ diaper wrappers. They have been gathering dust for more than 2 years! It was  very timely because EQ and McDonald’s were having a raffle promo. Guess how many entries I submitted? Not one, not two, not three. Thirty eight!


Acted as chaperone, personal photographer and stage mom to Aki during his McDo Kiddie Crew stint.

Have you tasted the McDo Mango McDip? Soooooooo good, promise. And only 17 pesos. I ordered 8 of this in a span of 5 days. Each calorie was worth it!


Attended a workshop on food styling care of Maya’s Kitchen. More about that next week.

Had a visitor. My first since I went on leave.  Thank for dropping by, Joy! I am so happy that there is now another mommy in my pre-wedding circle of friends.


Received strawberries from Sieggy and sweet love notes from my staff . Muah, you guys!


Sorted and organized my pile of reading materials. I hope I finish all of them before I go back to work. For now, no more new magazines for me.

Watched Wreck-it Ralph 4 times. I also watched a bunch of other movies but I can’t remember any of them.

Saw my blog jump from rank 40ish to rank #20 in I got excited even if I know it was just because of the recent virus issue of topblogs bloggers.

Turned my son into a whale welfare activist.

Booked Aki’s big school service. Thirty kiaw for one year! Ouch!

Loved Aki’s sketches and the stories behind his doodles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gathered all Emily-related memorabilia, placed everything in an envelope and hid the envelope in Aki’s keepsake box.

Learned how to create Google docs. I am so proud of myself.

I have a new baby, the Newlywed@Work Blogroll site. If you are a nawie and would like to add your blog, email me.

Can you guess what is on top of my to do list for next week?  Buy lotto tickets so I don’t have to go back to work.




4 thoughts on “Stay-at-home-mommy-ing (Week 3)

  1. kulit ng Philhealth noh… actually they do not reimburse anymore pag hindi nadeduct sa bill mo (we call it direct filing before kasi ang patient na ang magffile directly to Philhealth)…. since January they do not allow that anymore, so si hospital na ang nghehelp file for the patient pero normally di na dinideduct sa bill….hehe gulo noh…. basta keep Philhealth docs ready lagi…. 🙂 Company HRs should be fast sa pagprovide din lalo na kung 1-2days lang confinement…. 🙂 later….sana mangyari na….hassle kasi masyado sa pasyente tapos ngarag pa sila dahil sa circumstance nila….

  2. Deanna says:

    Hi Maqui!

    Just wondering if why you didn’t like the book (THE LOVELY BONES). I have seen the movie and I’d love it yet, I haven’t read the book. Can I ask if where did you purchase the book?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Deanna, I got my copy from Booksale. I am selling my book online. If you are interested, let me know.
      I was expecting to feel the same excitement I had when I read Times Traveler’s Wife but it did not work for me. Everyone i know who read this book liked it though. maybe it is just me and emotions nowadays

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