Suddenly, I am 18 again

UP Diliman will always have a special place in my heart. From time to time, I am transported back to my favorite teenage years. When I hear Mambo #5, I remember my days as a dormer in Kalayaan Residence Hall. When there is a typhoon, I remember how classes were suspended even if it was not raining. When we don’t have water, I remember how the brave firefighters in their fire truck brought us water and how I had to carry a heavy pail of water 3 floors up.When I see sunflowers, I remember my graduation day.


Last Sunday at the church parking lot, thanks to the flowers, I was a college student again taking summer classes so I didn’t have to take a full load next sem. Passing by the BA Building. On my way to our beloved Psych Building. Hugging my heavy books. Wearing my lucky Herbench baby tee. Looking up and feeling amazed and blessed because above me are  beautiful yellow flowers falling slowly like yellow rain. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I pause for a couple of seconds and take in everything around me. The heat of the sun, the shade from the old strong leafy trees, the call of the jeep dispatcher, the smell of fishballs.  I open my eyes, look at my phone and remember that I am late again for my CommIII class. Thank you for the memories, UP.



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