Ate Doring’s Rust-Removing Secret Crystals

Who knew that removing rust stains is as easy as 1-2-3? Apparently Ate Doring knew all along. And her secret weapon is called Salik. She bought these for 10 pesos for 3 packs at our local wet market.  She also uses salik to whiten our clothes and clean our stovetop. I tried researching more about  these magic crystals but Google was not on my side.If you have more info, let me know.
Wet the stained cloth. Rub the salik crystals on the affected area, leave for 10 minutes.


Rub and wash and rub and wash. Watch the stain magically go away.

The stain was about 1 week old when we tried this product. Not sure how effective salik crystals for older stains.



8 thoughts on “Ate Doring’s Rust-Removing Secret Crystals

    • Dahil chipipay ang alambre naming sampayan, My fault actually because I had not been inspecting.

      Nope he is not competing. He said he just likes to train for the learning. Your hubby also into BJJ?

        • Sure!
          Small world. Franco used to train with New Breed. If I am not mistaken, Ateneo New Breed later on became Atos. Baka my hubby knows your husband

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