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DIY 90’s Costume

The theme of Aki’s moving up day last March was Remember The 90’s.  GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

If you have been reading this blog, you know that I take DIY costumes seriously. I was initially eyeing an early 90’s hiphop look. Think Vanilla Ice or Prince of Bel-air. Franco even suggested we can make his pants out of black trash bags.
In the end, we decided to go with grunge.

I always go to Transfer-It for customized t-shirts.   They have a stall in Waltermart Makati.  I only had to shell out 200+ for the shirt and print. The checkered polo was borrowed from Aki’s cousin.

To complete the look, Aki wore this hat. We don’t know what this kind of head piece is called. We just call it the chicken hat.

Aki’s classmates were oh so cute that day. We love Kylie as Lara Croft and Kyra as Baby Spice. Hiphop brothers Jacob and Rocco were in their oversized NBA jerseys and in their mother’s bling bling. A couple of teachers wore matching Mario and Luigi outfits.

Here are Aki’s past costumes

Taho Vendor
Traffic Enforcer
Viking Costume
Mad Doctor

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