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Of Heaven and Stronger Family Connections


As I have shared in my recent post, I have been thinking about heaven lately. Just imagine my joy when I scored free tickets to the Heaven is For Real movie courtesy of  PLDT Home DSL.

The movie which was adapted from a book is about 4 year-old Colton’s near-death experience. While he was in the operating room, he went to heaven. In heaven, he sat on Jesus’ lap. He asked the angels to sing We Will Rock You. He met his older sister who died in their mum’s tummy. At this point, I could no longer stop my eyes from crying. A lot of the questions in my head were answered thru this movie. Thank you, PLDT Home DSL for the tickets and to Erlaine for the referral. 🙂


While we were waiting for the movie to start, we could not help but stare at a beautiful family. Good looking dad. Very regal and polished mom. Simple and dainty big sister. And a cute boy enjoying his lollipop. I told my sister-in-law that if our pictures will appear in the newspaper, I hope our picture is not next to theirs. Because I don’t know what is happening to the world around me, I only learned later on that the beautiful family, the Ledesma family is PLDT Home’s latest endorsers.


Before reaching their celebrity status, the family put up a Q&A page in Facebook called Ask Diego. Diego answers the questions on any topic from love to astronomy, with the help from his parents and sister. I wish I thought of that first. I think it is great that the whole family is working on a project together. Technology is blamed for the lack of actual interactions nowadays but I think if people use  it wisely and in moderation, the internet and social media are great tools to get more connected both online and offline.

Aside from maintaining this blog, a stronger internet connection at home will allow my family to better enjoy our newest hobby — watching family movies. For the longest time, I have been terrified of the idea of  my laptop crashing because I downloaded something from the net. Well, I still am. Just last month, I discovered  movie streaming. I know! I know! I am so technologically challenged. We were having a Harry Potter marathon weekend. The first 7 movies are saved in our laptop. Since we do not have a copy of the last movie, we went out, bought one but it would not play. We called our friends and family in the area if they have a copy. We drove around the village to check DVD sellers if they have the movie but none had. Someone suggested that we try streaming. I wish I was able to take a video of our mini celebration when we found HP7.2 in Megashare which unfortunately will be shutting down. If you know other streaming websites, let me know.

I just need a few books to complete our top 100 children’s book collection. My next collection? Top 100 family movies! The number in the list is Wizard of Oz. If you have any leads on where can I find this movie, drop me a note, okay?

Another reason to upgrade our unreliable pre-paid internet connection is Aki’s growing curiousity. During dinner, our conversation went like this

Aki: Mummy, what is our body made of?
Me: Cells, Aki. They are the building blocks of our body. Our skin is made of skin cells. Blood is made of blood cells.
Aki: How about sugat (wound)? What is my sugat made of? Sugat cells?
Me: Let’s ask the scientists. I know a website where we can ask them.
Aki: What is a website?
Me: Let’s eat na.

If I can’t answer his question or if he expresses interest to know more about a certain topic, we ask Mr Google and Miss Youtube. Yesterday, we watched a video on weird plants like the venus fly trap and our very own makahiya, at least 3 times.

What I like about PLDT Home DSL is that it has security measures in place so that parents can monitor their kids online activities. For now, I make sure that he does not do any online searches unsupervised but when he gets older, he will need to be able run his own searches. I just checked their the PLDT Home website and found out that they have monthly plans as low at 499.

*Check out Ask Diego on facebook.com/Ask Diego.

*If you are looking for a DSL that provides limitless FAMILY-SIZED connection, visit pldthome.com

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  1. Movie streaming site ba? Try “zmovie.” Google mo lang sya tapos lalabas na yung site. Sometimes, pag gusto ko walang interruption, I download movies to my iPad Mini using a video downloader app, sa Movietube.co naman yun. 🙂

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