Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms

Akisms at 4.5 years old

Mummy, I am a lover. You are a dreamer. And Daddy is a farter.


I had been asking Aki to go to the dining table and eat for like 4 times. He was happily busy playing with his toys and was pretending not to hear me. Can’t remember what he was playing with but I remember distinctly the sound effects that he was making.

Mummy (in my pretend angry tone) : Aki! I will count 1-5. If you are not here yet… One.. Two…

Aki rushed to the table.

Aki(excitedly): I am here na!!
Me: Thanks. Next time you listen to me right away. Let’s eat.
Aki (looks at his plate, obviously not happy with the food and suddenly changes his facial expression from excited to sad): Sorry, Mummy. I can’t eat because I am sad. I am so sad because your daddy died.


We never run out of excuses! Now he is using my dad’s death 30 years ago not to eat.


Aki: I want to make a card for Babita (Franco’s mom).
Me: She’ll love that! What is your message for her?
Aki: I love you Babita. I really really love you. Thank you, Babita. I love you more than Lolo Tay (Franco’s dad)


Aki just saw the 3D ultrasound picture of him when he was still in my tummy.

Aki: I was gold?


Family Day = Weekend; Office Day = Weekday


Aki:Is it family day today?
Me: No, today is Monday. It is an office day. Yesterday was family day.
Aki: Huwaaat?! It should be family day, family day, family day, office day office day, family day, family, family day


I have a surprise for you…
It is a secret…
It is in my school…
I can’t tell you…
It is a heart with many colors…
I will not tell you my secret…


Pre-Emily days

Me: My tummy hurts!
Aki (smiling ear to ear): Maybe there is a baby in your tummy!
Me: We have to go to the doctor to be sure
Aki (suddenly becomes concerned) Let’s not go to the doctor. Go to the toilet. I think it is just poopsie.


Mummy, when I grow up I want to be an adult…


Aki (talking to my then pregnant tummy) : Baby, I want to give you this banana but you are still in the tummy so I will just eat it.


While Aki is practicing writing his name

Aki (to his daddy): Daddy, cheer for me.


Aki: I am Harry Potter. My mummy is Ginny Weasley. Kevin is Ron Weasley. Daddy is Dobby.


After Aki helped me get down from the van

Me: Awwww you are such a gentleman
Aki(protesting): I’m not a gentleman. I’m a gentleboy


Aki: Can we buy a venus fly trap?



Heard something from the TV


Aki: Warm fuzzy feeling? What is that? What is that? What is that?

Aki: Mummy, I want aircon
Me: No, we will only use the fan tonight
Aki (fake crying): But I want aircon.Daddy loves aircon. We are aircon boys
Me: When you were a baby, you were a fan boy.
Aki: Mummy, I changed ok? I changed! I changed! I don’t know what happened. I am a ninja and aircon boy now.


Beetle = salagubang



Aki (talking to a plastic beetle toy): I am an aircon boy. Are you an aircon salagubang or fan salagubang?


Me: You know Aki, some people kill sharks and make sharkskin bags. Some people kill turtles, and make turtle soup.
Aki: You know, Mummy, some people kill horses and make dead rocking horses!




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