Work Prayer



I just want to share a prayer that I read recently. This year, my goal is to be more prayerful. Read here for my 2013 and 2012 goals. I just finished reading the Power of the Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. One of the prayers that I really liked is about work. Work can be a source of great stress or deep fulfillment. Hope this prayer will help you find the latter.


Here goes….


Lord, I pray that you show me what work I am supposed to be doing. If it is something other than what I am doing now, reveal it to me. If it is something in addition to what I am already doing, show me that too. Whatever it is that You have called me to do, both now and in the future, I pray that You give me the strength and energy  to get it done well. Enable me to do what I do successfully. May I find great fulfillment and satisfaction in every aspect of it, even the most difficult and unpleasant parts.

Thank You that in all labor there is profit of one kind or another(Proverbs 114:23). I pray that the rewards of my work will be great. May I always be compensated fairly and richly out of the storehouse of Your abundance. Bless the people I work for and with. May I always be a blessing and a help to each one of them. As I come in contact with others in my work, I pray that Your love and peace will flow through me and speak loudly of your goodness. Enable me to touch them for Your kingdom.

Lord, I thank You for the abilities You have given me. Where I am lacking in skill, help me to grow and improve so that I do my work well.  Teach me to excel so that the result of what I do will be pleasing to others. Open doors of opportunity to use my skills and close doors that I am not to go through. Give me wisdom and direction about that.

I commit my work to You, Lord, knowing you will establish it (Proverbs 16:3). May it always be that I love the work that I do and be able to do the work I love. According to Your Word I pray that I will not lag in diligence in my work, but remain fervent in spirit, serving You in everything I do (Romans 12:11). Establish the work in my hands so that what I do will find favor in others and be a blessing for many. May it always be glorifying to You. Amen.





5 thoughts on “Work Prayer

  1. Super hugs Maqui! I super miss bonding with you (online or otherwise). Need this too and yes, nauna ka pang matapos sa libro! Ganda no? I’ve been absent from all the PPW sessions that have been happening lately. Sana makadalo ulit soon (and sana ikaw din makasama na namin!)

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