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My Four Year Old’s Favorite Books

Happy blogging anniversary to me!

Here are the books that my 4 year old is obssessed with. We, actually just him because I would rather read something else, can go read these books on and on and on and on.

My Puppy Is Born by Joanna Cole. We bought this book for only PhP5.00 at MCS Booksale. Aki’s evening prayer goes something like this. Thank you for giving Daddy Mxxxxxxx. Thank you for the special gift for Mummy’s office friends. Thank you for giving Ate a house. Please give my mummy a baby. Please give Tita Yana a baby. Please help the victims (of Typhoon Yolanda). Please make me a good and healthy boy. And (pause), give me a dog. Aaaaaa-men.

And look what we saw on the last page. The previous owner of this book was a girl named Emily. It is a sign.

Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester.ย  Also got this for 5 pesos! It’s brand new by the way (san ka pa!).ย  We love the Tacky series. Tacky is an unconventional penguin. While his peers are very formal and conforming, Tacky is unique, clumsy and adorable in his own way. This is a great book to teach kids to love their own individuality.

Shopping Guides from Toy Stores. Aki can spend countless hours daydreaming about the toys that he want. He even has this close-your-eyes-and-let-your-finger-show-you-which-toy-you’ll-give-me(as he directs my finger to his dream Beadman toy) game. Am just thankful that he is contented with just looking at the pictures. When we go to toy stores, he does not even us ask to buy him anything.

Winnie the Witch by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas. This is one book that I have been waiting to hit the Booksale shelves for months. Winnie loves her black cat so much but is having a hard time seeing him because her whole house is also black. She uses her magic to solve her problems. And just when she thought her problem is behind her, she has to come up with another solution again. The small details in the illustrations make this book a feast for the eyes.

Creepy Crawlers. Thanks Juvy for this book. You know, anything with a tinge of yuckiness or scare factor, he will love. So no surprise when he started getting more interested in different kinds of insects.

Aki is also into Bible stories nowadays. This is the same set of 10 books that my sister and I enjoyed reading when we were little. His favorite characters are Joseph and Daniel.


Ask Aki who is his favorite author and his automatic response will be Ricky Gervais, the man behind the Flanimals books. Here is a little preview of what is ahead of you if you decide to expose your kids to Flanimals.


I have to beg Aki to excuse me from his flanimal pretend games. Sometimes, actually most of the time when he is in the mood, he will want me to play the role of a Flemingbunt Himler while he is the baby Mernimbler. In his game, my character tries to eat the baby mernimbler who suddenly transforms into an adult and eats me.

Lastly, his newest favorite is Verdi by Janell Canon, author of Stellaluna. Aside from reading his books and pretending to be a cute-then-scary flanimal, Aki also likes looking for pictures of snakes in the net. He is still undecided if his favorite snake is the anaconda or the king cobra.


We have so many books that our living room looks like a library. I am hoping to do a mini makeover to make the space more conducive for reading.

3 thoughts on “My Four Year Old’s Favorite Books

  1. Awwww!! Maqui, Liam too is like that. First he was praying for a baby, after a few weeks, a baby and a dog, after a few days, Dog na lang ang hiningi.. KOW!! Buti pa si Aki, never forgets to ask for baby sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

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