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What are You Thankful for Today?

We had the most wonderful time when we visited Pepper, Mark and A at their beautiful cozy home. We were only supposed to pick up the little something Pepper made for me but we ended up chatting and eating for what felt like hours. It is refreshing to spend an afternoon with another couple for a change. Franco was not his usual KJ self because he and Mark had been friends even before we got married. It was also great to not mind the kids who were busy playing.

Here is the ballerina doctor taking Aki’s blood pressure. Hehe. After that short doctor doctor game, they spent the rest of the afternoon pillow fighting.


Here is the little gift from Pepper.

Perfect for my gratitude journal. I started this notebook last January. When I saw Pepper’s post on her gratitude jar, I told her I want the same sign for my notebook


What is a gratitude journal, you say?

Mine is a planner turned notebook where everyday, I list down the things the things I am thankful for.


Thank you, thank you, Pepper! Check out more of Pepper’s one of a kind creations at the Wagon Shop

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