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The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume

Happy Halloween!

Hehe. Had I shared this entry 4 months ago, I would have started it with I am so excited to share blah blah but since we all know that this post is soo late, let me just say I hope someone finds this post helpful 8 months from now.

As early as summer last year, Aki kept bugging me about his Halloween costume. He had been watching How to Train Your Dragon. We have seen it for at least 20 times. I will complain once my eyeballs have fallen off from my eyesockets but for now, I can honestly say that I love this movie! And we are oh so excited for the release of HTTYD II this June. If you have not seen this movie, head to the nearest video store and get yourself a copy. Now! It is one of those rare movies that everyone in the family, regardless if you are 3 or 33, will enjoy.

And it is because of this movie that Aki wanted to be a dragon for Halloween. And not just any ordinary dragon, he wanted a 4-headed dragon costume! After much negotiations, we agreed to have a viking costume instead. Sometimes he looked at his viking costume with the same this-is-sooo-lame irritated expression that we see in teenagers. At some point, I wanted to make him a dragon katol (Franco’s idea not mine) to irritate him more.

My super excited viking..
Don’t move smile for Mummy….
Isn’t motherhood the most rewarding profession? He only stopped complaining when I told him that he’s hurting my feelings.

He was happy when we met up with Maggie, Lucas and Mike at their condo’s halloween party. And when he realized that he can channel his negative energy towards the ghost displays using his wrecking ball, he got even happier.

Now let’s talk about the costume.

The top is the first ever piece of clothing that I have sewn. With Franco’s permission, I cut and sewed one of his old polos into a viking top. I really wanted to use a  green or gray kamisa de chino (inner shirt) but we could not find any. The pants which as you can see, do not even reach Aki’s ankles is the most plain pajama or jogging pants that we have that could pass as viking pants. He last wore this pajama which is part of a Batman set, about 2 years before. The costume comes with a viking belt made from 2 of my belts (now both missing by the way) wrapped around Aki’s chubby waist. Unfortunately, because Aki keeps on moving all the time and his top gets untucked, we never had a chance to take a picture of the improvised belt.

For the props, the viking helmet is from a toy store. The wrecking ball is from a stall in Starmall. It is one of the best and most sulit 50 peso toys that I have bought. Considering it has been used for attacks everyday since October, it is still in perfect condition and has not made anyone cry so far. I think.

Lastly, I bought furry cloth from Ilaya in Divisoria. This costs 200 pesos per yard but we only used 1/4 or maybe even less. Aside from the cape, we also used the cloth to make wrist bands and viking “boots”. On the second time that he wore the costume, I made leg bands to cover the “bitin” pants.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume

  1. Ang galing at ang tyaga mo talaga sa mga ganyan. Parang kung ako bibili na lang ako kasi wala akong talent jan.. Unless magpagawa ako sayo. Haahahha. Galing! 🙂

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