Aki's Preschool Years · Memoirs of a Mummy

Proud Mommy Moments

Proud Mommy Moment in Church

A man in his early 20’s was  pushing his grandmother’s wheelchair.  This was around 6:05AM.

Me to Aki (whispering): Aki, say hello to the lola.

Aki (in a loud door-t0-door salesman tone with matching wave): GOOD MORNING PO!

The old lady waved back and gave the biggest smile.

Me (with tears in my eyes because I am OA that way) to Franco: Nakita mo ba yun lola?

Franco: Oo. Aki made her day.

Promise. Aki’s good morning greeting was so perky and the lola’s smile was so big, it felt like our whole area suddenly lit up.


Aki to the baby of a beggar in church: Hello cute cute baby!


Aki is not allowed to play when we are in church. One reason why we like to attend the 6AM mass is that there aren’t a lot of other kids who make Aki want to stand up and play. Aki however is allowed to play peekaboo with babies from a far.

Aki has been playing peek-a-boo with a baby girl who was about 3 or 4 meters away.

Me: Sige, you can say hello to the baby but don’t touch her.

Aki stood up and went to the baby and her daddy. He went back to our bench after about 2 minutes talking to the dad.

Later, on our way to communion, we passed by the baby.

Me to the dad: Anong pong pangalan niya? (What is her name?)

Aki: Krishna.

Me: Aah. Kala po kase ng anak ko, Fishnut eh.


Same man with the baby after sitting beside us: …. son is very friendly.

I did not hear the first part of his sentence

Me: Kaya po dito kami umuupo (That is why we sit here)

I thought he was referring to the sun…

Franco: Yes, it is all because of the mom.

Man with the baby: You can see that he is very confident. You know, he will make a good ambassador someday.

Me (blushing): Thanks po.

And that statement, from this very nice stranger, made my day. Scratch that. It made my week! I love it when strangers smile back at me. I love it when people I don’t know strike up a conversation. But getting a compliment, the type that makes you imagine your future 20 years from now, is just amazing!


Proud Mommy Moment in Booksale

We were in Booksale yesterday. Franco and I were in the coffeetable and cookbook section. Aki was at the children’s book section. We did not keep a close eye on him because we could hear him from where we were and he just kept talking and talking and talking..

What is your name?

What is the name of your sister?

I have a classmate Enzo he blah blah blah

You go to Don Bosco?! Wow!

You know the other other other other day, I saw a blah blah blah

At first, he was talking to a 7 year old boy named Carlos. I did not notice when Carlo and his family left.  When I looked around, Aki was already chatting and laughing with the saleslady. He also tried talking to a street child who was browsing thru the books but the other child was not in the mood to talk or maybe he just did not understand because Aki talked really fast.

After paying, we left our new books with the cashier and promised to be back later. Aki said goodbye to his Ate Juvy, the saleslady.

While I was buying some pasalubong in the grocery for my UK-based cousins (off topic question. What do you buy for your relatives based abroad? I bought them Lala ube pastillas, ChocNut and Boy Bawang), a promodizer gave Aki a balloon. Franco asked Aki to give the balloon to another girl. Aki said no. He said he wants to give the balloon to me. When I told Aki that it was so sweet of him to remember me but no thanks because I don’t play with balloons, he said he will just keep it. When we went back to Booksale to get our books, Aki pulled my sleeve and whispered, “Can I give the balloon to Ate?”. Of course, I said yes.


Proud Mommy Moment At the Parent-teacher Conference

Aki’s teacher told me that Aki is going to leave a legacy when he moves on to the the big school. According to the teachers, Aki has this classmate. Let’s call the kid N. When the school year started, N did not play with other kids. He did not talk to anyone even with the teachers. The teacher had challenges getting him to participate. They could not even get him to make a dot. They tried a lot of interventions but none was successful.  It was only when they sat N beside Aki that N showed positive changes. Three  months later, N now talks and even laughs. He plays with other kids. And he now makes artworks. The teachers said Aki was like a big protective and helpful brother to N. He was very patient in teaching his classmate even if N was not responding at first. Once he is done with his seatwork, it’s automatic for Aki to check on how N was doing.   

As soon as I got home, I told Aki how happy I am that he was such a good friend to N. I told him that the teachers said it was him who made N talk, play and participate. Aki replied “Mommy, that is the job that I do!”. He is really taking this big-brother-to-N job seriously. He is so going to be the best big brother ever once we have been blessed with a brand new baby.

Oh Aki, you make my heart burst with pride and joy! You make us feel like we are the best parents. Thank you!

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