Maqui's Me Time

Thoughtful Early Christmas Gifts

Speaking of thoughtful, I want to share this forgotten draft about the first Christmas gifts that I received last year.

Faye got me Christmas movies for our Christmas movie marathon tradition.


One reason why I don’t buy stuff online is because I don’t have time to go to the bank to pay. Franco’s paranoia has rubbed on me. Paying online scares me.  Some months ago, I bought this jar in an online garage sale. Will share what I did with it in a separate post. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I kept delaying going to the bank to place my payment until I forgot out the jar. I think the seller (Hello Bonnie! Please don’t hate me.) put the jar up for sale again and sweet Rachel bought it for me because she knew I was not able to do so.


My suki at our Sunday parish market gave me a little something last Christmas to show their appreciation for my patronage. So sweet!


Lastly, Juls one of my team members, got me this keychain for our exchange gift. I proposed to my team that instead of the usual secret Santa, we will have a cheap and cheesy exchange gift. The idea is that the gift should not cost more than 50 bucks and should have some cheesy symbolism. About 3 years ago, the department had something like this. I gave my Christmas baby a bottle of Knorr Liquid Seasoning because it is more fun and “nakakagana” working with her. We gave our boss a sock because she is “walang kapares”. Cheesy to the highest level! I love it! Anyhoo, Juls gave me a keychain because she said I hold the key to her heart. Harhar! Thanks, Juls!


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