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Neighborhood Friends

When you were still a kid, did you spend countless hours playing in the street with your neighborhood friends? Unfortunately for me, I did not have that kind of childhood memories.  I was never a batang kalye. I was not allowed to play in the streets. My lola told us that if my sister and I played with boys, we will grow penis in our foreheads. Crazy!!  Looking back, my childhood was not so bad but it would had definitely been more memorable if I had friends outside our family. More on my childhood here.

Fast forward to 2014. We used to always hear that parents want their children to have the things and experiences that they growing up did not have. I am no exception. I want Aki to grow up with lots of friends in our village.  One afternoon as I was walking home, I noticed a group of kids running around. I invited them to our house to play with Aki and his beyblades. And the rest including my quest to be the coolest mom on the block is history.

We now have kids hanging out in our living room and garden all the time. How fun it really is. I love how Aki now has little role models. Aki’s friends teach him things like how to play gentle esp during sword fights, how to share and how to calmly wait for your turn and how losing is okay. Aki wants to be 6 years old because I told him, after interviewing the kids on how old were they when they were allowed to play in the streets, that he needs to turn 6 first before he can play outside unsupervised.

I too am adjusting to the role. When the kids come to the house before they have eaten breakfast, do I ask them to go home first? Or should I offer our food to them? My concern is that if they eat in our house, their parents might blame me if they don’t eat during meal times with their respective families. When it is already dark, do I ask the kids to go home? I would be worried if Aki is still out and it is past 6PM. But then again, my boy is only 4 years old. I might feel differently when Aki’s already 7 or 8 years old, which is the age of his friends. And what do I do if they bring their toy guns which Aki is not allowed to play with? Or what should I do if they start fighting?

Oh well, let’s wait and see and enjoy watching them have fun.

Here are some of the pictures from the long weekend last January

Vincent and Aki playing dinosaurs versus action figures


Limbo rock


Jumping rope.


Sword fight


But before the actual fight, they all bowed first. Cute!


And their favorite, Beyblades!


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