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Black and White

Lately, we love taking photos in black and white. B&W photos look classic, artsy and dramatic. Here are my favorite shots from last weekend.

Franco took this pictures of me and Aki in our favorite hangout spot. We love to cuddle by the door and watch people, dogs and delivery trucks go by.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI bet you just stared at my gray hairs. I can’t stop staring at them too. So do strangers in the elevator and officemates during meetings. I have a long line of people who are just dying to pluck them out. However, based on experience, despite what books say, I am a believer that the more you pluck your gray hairs, the more will come out. I don’t mind the grays actually. It was only a few years back that I realized that not everyone gets a head full of gray hairs in their 30’s. What I hate is that most of my grays stand out. They are just begging to be plucked because they are coarse and kinky. G

Moving on… Even off angle blurry black and white shots look artsy



Aki, my little bolero, just said, “You’re so beautiful, Mum. I love your long hair” before he took this shot


The view if you are lying down in the mat


My favorite shot from that afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. hahahah! alam mo pagkakita ko spa lang sa unang pix mo naisip ko parang kita na yung gray hair mo.. kocomment nga sana ako na pa-color ka na ng hair. tapos yun pala may line ka na “I bet you just stared at my gray hairs. I can’t stop staring at them too..” hahahahahaaa.

  2. Oh yeah, ganda ng B&W. Si Dino usually uses this pag di ok ang exposure nya?? tama ba?! ah basta, whenever he does this, I like it! hehehe.. mas dramatic kasi.. 🙂

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