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Family Photoshoot @ Timezone and Booksale

There is no denying that I love photoshoots. I am always the one behind the camera so it is really nice to be in front for a change. Every year, I look for new and upcoming photographers and hire them to take our pictures. See here for our past family photos. Our pictorials are always outdoor. Studio photos are nice too but the cost of printing is just too much. Plus you don’t get to take home all softcopies of the pictures. Lucky me, I won a free photoshoot from Caslow.

The theme of this year’s shoot is The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend. Locations were Timezone in High Street, Booksale and Dunkin Donuts in Makati Cinema Square. Getting a permit from Timezone was not a problem. I just sent them a message via Facebook and got the approval via email. The permit from Booksale was more troublesome. They normally do not allow photoshoots. The hassle and begging were worth it because our photos were amazing.
















If you are looking for an affordable family photograper, do check out Caslow Photography. You may reach Eric at 09178919443.

21 thoughts on “Family Photoshoot @ Timezone and Booksale

  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful family! At lalong gumanda ka! 🙂 I love it! 🙂 I also love the thought na parang favorite mo yung borloloy… weee! so happy everytime I see you wearing it 🙂

  2. I love the concept! I kept thinking how did I encounter Caslow Photography.. turns out the “wife” (Joui) of the “husband-wife” tandem is a batchmate and classmate in high school pala.

  3. Omg! Ang nice ng mga photos, Maquibels! You’re soooo gorgeous in the pix! Hay naku I miss having family photoshoots, ang KJ kasi ni Cj eh. LOL! Sinisi ung asawa noh?! :p

    1. hahaha. pilitin na yan! uy, secret lang, pero baka mag shoot uli si dom satin sa next playdate. text ko daw siya pag confirmed na ang date para mablock off niya.

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