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Whose child is this????

We speak to  Aki in both English and Filipino but thanks to TV and school, he speaks English about 80% of the time. And his Filipino? Not so good. You forgot to tanggal the saksak. Mummy, are you ligo-ing? His English on the other hand, is 10 times better. The probinsyana in me, gets surprised every time I hear him say..

… I did not see that coming..

… I can’t believe my ears…

… My bad…

… I have a flavlem (problem)…. I am not having fun

… Here is the deal…

… Of course.. not!

… I can’t believe I am hearing this

…not helping…


Whose child is this????

This bothers me a bit because I want Aki to grow up speaking and appreciating both languages.  Maybe we should stop speaking to him in English and just speak Filipino all the time at home.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Whose child is this????

  1. Aki The Amboy, so cute!! 🙂 My Santori speaks German. Sa sobrang hindi mo maintindihan ang English+Tagalog words niya, the people around him are couldn’t understand him either. LOL! Nakakaloka lang minsan kase pag in-English mo siya, tagalog ang sagot niya, pag tinagalog mo naman, eenglishin ka! Susmaryosep!! Hahaha!

  2. What’s with the “ing” thing? Ganyan din si Akira. “Mommy, do you want me to “paluing” you? Hahaha.

    Anywoot, baliktad naman tayo. Since she doesn’t get to watch TV anymore, we speak to her in English na lang. Yun nga lang, pagdating sa school, tagalog na. She came home one day talking about “buot”. And I was like, what the??? Tarsier pala. hahaha.

  3. Kami we speak to Miya in Tagalog. Sometimes lang in English. When she went to school she learned to speak English. So she can speak very well in Tagalog and English. Although I noticed when we read medyo mahina pa reading comprehension nya in English. Conversational English she’s good. 🙂

  4. hay. iba na talaga kabataan ngayon. yung pamangkin ko ayun dumudugo din ilong ko.. for a 3-yr old, ang lalim na ng vocabulary nya. nung minsan nasa kwarto ko, sabi sa kin “ooohhhh, there’s a flashing light.. did you see that?” at ang accent nakakaloka. hahaha. at tama ka, ang tagalog nakakainis.. “you made me palo huhu” ayan ganyan.. sana matuto din sya ng tagalog, pero wala naman ako magawa at ayoko mangialam at hindi naman ako ang nanay. hahahahaha

  5. My vote is to stop talking to him in English. In my opinion, matututo at matututo din yan sila to talk in straight English but to talk in Filipino mas mahirap if they start to treat English as if it’s their first language. Madami na ako officemates who would complain, kukuha sila tutors only to help their kids with their Filipino subject. Sad, no? Pero natawa din ako pala sa sentences ni Aki. Parang si Maia naman pag nag effort mag English sa bahay. “Stop Achoo-ing, Daddy!” hahaha.

  6. In my experience, they will come to terms with our language especially as they get exposed in school. To add to your story, my son who used to say, “Mom, I’m done toothing-brush.” I would say, No anak, it’s toothbrushing. lol. anyway, I think they’ll come to terms with the local language but yes, they are hard up in subjects like Sibika. Now, we’re brushing up by reading Filipino books, which I think I should’ve done when he was younger.

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