Our Big School Application Experience {Part Dos}

Part I here

Since we had a lot of time to kill, we stayed in the school premises to again, observe. First stop was the canteen to check their products. The meals were very affordable and there were a lot of choices. I personally loved the cereal bar. Think Cerealicious but more affordable.

The stage school mummy in me wants to  buy more fish and plants for this aquarium :p


Aki’s first time to use a water fountain.


We were watching a basketball PE class when a guard asked us to leave. Loitering in the school premises is not allowed according to Manong. Ffffffffine! Hmmp! We transferred to a nearby mall. By this time I was still feeling antsy. I thought the written exam will take only 15 minutes.  To my surprise, it would take 2 hours. An hour and a half depending on the batch of examinees. Aki goes to a progressive school and is not used to the traditional pen and paper assessments. And not to mention that my Nursery son who technically has only 4 months of formal education was about to take the entrance exam that he was supposed to take  this year. In order to skip a level (Kinder), he needed to pass this 2 hour exam. Ayayay!! Franco kept assuring me that Aki got this. And so to relax my OA nerves, we went to our favorite noisy place, Timezone!

This is my new favorite game. I have always liked target shooting even back in my UP Fair days. That is a score of 193 over 200 which means I hit the bullseye 13 out of 20 attempts and got 9/10 in the 7 other shots.


For lunch, we went to our newest discovery. This is one of the most sulit buffets ever. For only 180 bucks, we had


Cream of Mushroom and Asparagus

Seafood Bisque


Cauliflower and Cheese Casserole

Spicy Aglio Olio Pasta

Curried Shrimp

Are you already salivating? Am not yet done. We also got super tender Osso Bucco (or is it Busco?), Panna Cota, a chicken dish that I can’t remember because I don’t eat chicken and fruit juice. I want to go back now!!! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of the resto and the location because that will be a dead giveaway to the name of Aki’s secret big school. If your life really depends on it and you really need to know, drop me a note thru the contact form below.

And here is Aki, sitting for the first time in a school chair.


One and a half hours later, Aki went out of the exam room smiling from ear to ear. He said the exam was “sooo easy”. But when we asked him what the test questions were, he kept changing the topic. Haha.

After exactly a week, Franco went back to the school for the results. He was handed this letter.



Congrats, Aki! We are so proud of you.


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