Photo Tradition with the Hubby

Halu! Happy New Year to all. I am starting this year on a different note. Unlike last year where I was feeling excited and pumped up, now, I am more relaxed.  I hope that is a good thing.

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you already know that I am a sucker for traditions. Traditions for me make wonderful memories. And happy childhood memories are what I want Aki to have. I realized though that I don’t have a lot of traditions with my husband. Except for the year-end holiday card where we write down the highlights and lowlights of the year to make sure we won’t forget (see our past cards here and here), there is no other regular activity that I do with Franco that can be considered as a tradition. So I started a new one. Encouraged by the past and present photos that are everywhere online nowadays, Franco and I will be collecting selfie pictures of the two of us during important and ordinary days.



Do you also have photo traditions?


15 thoughts on “Photo Tradition with the Hubby

  1. Hi Maqui – salamat sa idea, now I just need to convince the hubby to try this photo tradition – maybe on our “monthly anniversaries” hehehe

  2. candz says:

    Hi Maqui!

    Happy New Year to you, Franco and Aki! Same as you, I also love traditions and I’m trying to create family traditions that are specific to my immediate family now. You are right about how these traditions make wonderful memories that our children can look back to one day! I hope 2014 will be great for you and that you’ll have more blog entries that I can read! Hahaha!

    Btw, I saw one of the pictures taken in Baguio? I hope you can write about it, as I’m planning the first ever trip to Baguio as in ever ever… with a toddler in tow pa! Hahaha!

    Again Happy New Year!

    • Soon! As soon as I choose from the mountains of pictures. We stayed in John Hay most of the time. Tamad gumala as usual.

      thanks for the warm wishes.

    • i think pang limang greeting ko na ito sayo.

      Happy new year ulit! pinasaya mo ako ng bongga. bayad na bayad ka na sa lahat ng luhang ni luha ko. 😛

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