The Gift of An Ordinary Day

The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

Helloooo! I am back from the dead. I was sick since last Sunday. I was not surprised when I started feeling sick because many of our fellow churchgoers last weekend were coughing and sneezing. Am just thankful that my boys are A-okay.

Here is what happened one boring weekend last month.

Weekend usually starts with our martial arts training somewhere in Merville.

That’s boxing lessons for me. Bully-proof training for Aki. And jujitsu for Franco.


The family that learns martial arts together, stay together.

I love this pic. I love the calmness, sweetness and playfulness.


Aki’s lessons are all  games. I love that he is taking his lessons with the son of Franco’s best friend. May these 2 boys be life long friends like their daddies.


While Franco trains, Aki and I go to the nearby playground. Speaking of friends, we met a new playground friend, Kyle.


While waiting for Franco’s training to finish, I also had a nice chat with Franco’s trainer’s mom on how to encourage children to pursue their passions.  I learned so much from her that morning. Thank you, Tita Esther.  I hope Aki grows up doing things that he enjoys.

After our martial arts morning, we headed to our favorite mall in the whole wide Makati, MCS or Makati Cinema Square.  We have a new go-to store. We always pay a visit to the toy stores near the gun stores. I know less than one tenth of the toys but it is a joy watching my husband talk to our son about robots and superheroes and their superpowers.


Lunch was at Grillicious, a simple looking resto by the entrance if you are coming from the parking lot.  Don’t be fooled by the cafeteria-ish ambiance. The beef wanton soup and siomai are really good!

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for books, magazines and movies.

Because we were trying to convince ourselves that we are ready to go on a diet, we only ate veggies for dinner.

After dinner, we had another round of boxing. Franco helps me with  my combos. I help him with his defense by punching him. He wears protective gear and I punch like a girl (for now!!) so nothing to worry. I am so glad I discovered that boxing is fun. It is more fun if you do it with someone you love. It is a great bonding activity and a great way to sweat.


Finally, the little boy went to sleep.

It was movie night for Franco and me. Because everyone was talking about Hunger Games II, we watched Hunger Games I. To my great joy, I discovered that Peeta is the same boy in Little Manhattan. Galing! Watching the movie got us hungry, so we ordered McDo delivery! There goes our diet. Haha.

The next day, Sunday, we woke up early to attend the 6AM mass. We made a panata that we will religiously attend the 6AM Sunday mass if God grants Franco’s prayer. Thank you Lord for listening. We have been attending the early mass since October.

After breakfast, Franco left for his jujitsu training. But before leaving, the boys played our favorite “Make-Me-Laugh” game.  The rules are simple. Make the opponent laugh.If he laughs, you win. This is a great way to capture big smiles on cam.


Aki: look a transformer symbol!


Me: hindi kaya.

Aki: OK. Brief symbol na lang.

Because it was so hot, we ate our homemade ice cream. Am still trying to perfect the recipe. I will share it soon.

Here is Aki and me in the room.


He’s giving me his chopchop massage. He also invented the pounding massage and hugging massage techniques. Aside from that, he made me remember my childhood with my sister when he came up with different kamot (scratch) styles. Hehe.

When he got tired of scratching and massaging my back, he started making robots. He made this.


Unfortunately, I forgot the name. I told Aki to bring the robot outside where the lighting is better. I love taking videos of Aki as he talks about his inventions. When he could not put the robot back together, he made wearable robot parts for him. And even if it was difficult to move around, he was in character as he walked around the house.


Dadoy came home soon after. That afternoon, we had a Christmas movie marathon.  Surprisingly, Aki likes Nightmare before Christmas. I don’t. I really don’t.

The movies  got Aki into a Xmas tree decorating mood. Since I discovered that the discolorations in my white tree, I lost interest in making ornaments for this year. That did not stop Aki. He opened the bags and boxes of Christmas decors and in no time, proudly showed me the, in his very own words, the perfect Christmas tree ever!


I took a deep breath before faking a smile.  Franco joined the decorating festivities as I watched on.


How can I tell my proud boys that their tree is not as perfect as they think? Haha. When I found the courage to tell them that we need to re-do the decors, they said they like the tree as it is. Fine. We will be away for Christmas anyway so there is no point in going all out on the decors.

We spent the rest of the day lying in the sofa, reading.

That night, we had another round of boxing. To our suprise, Aki has been intently watching and learning the moves and lingo. During breaks, he’d pick up the mitts and ask for jabs, straights, uppercuts and captain hooks. 🙂


We always remind Aki that he can only do boxing with family and only if we have gloves and mitts.

And that’s how our weekend went. It is mid-week. I can’t wait for the next family day!

If you do not hear from me again, Merry Christmas!

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