Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms

Akisms @ 4

Aki: Lolo Jun is dead?

Me: Yup, he is dead. He died when I was only 2 years old. Tita Jana was only as small as baby Rya. Haaay. I have no daddy. Poor me.

Aki: It’s ok, Mom. You can borrow my daddy.


Me: Aki, I wish I don’t have to go to my office.

Aki (alarmed): Huh?! But, Mummy, your office friends miss you! They need you! I go to school and you go to office.


Me: Aki, I am so sad.

Aki: Why, Mummy?

Me:  Because some people won’t give me what I want.

Aki: I go there. I open the door. Then, I smash the windows.

Me: Huh? No.

Aki: Joke lang. I see the people. I talk to them. I tell them, “hey, give my mummy what she wants!”


Me: Aki, limang subo pa.

Aki: Gusmo ko (gusto ko), one na lang. One is my favorite number.


Me: Aki, let’s pray.

Aki: Dear Jesus…….. Please Mxxxlxxx for my dad, a strong house for my ate, money for the victims. Make me a good and healthy boy..

Me: Ooops, you forgot something

Aki: Oh, and please make my mummy pretty!



4 thoughts on “Akisms @ 4

  1. Nyahahaha! Dami kong tawa sa make my mummy pretty, pretty naman na si mummy kaya dapat “make my mummy prettier”. :p

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