Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party: Cake and Pasta

I learned my lesson. Last year, Aki’s classmates barely touched the food we prepared. According to the teachers, that was not unusual. Most of the food served during parties are brought home and are eaten by the yayas. For this year, our menu was pretty simple – penne, cake and juice.

After blowing of the cake,


We opened a couple of gifts. Thank you classmates for your thoughtful presents.

Instead of serving prepacked meals, we served the pasta on a per order basis. We only gave each kid a few spoonfuls at first. Those who wanted to eat more were free to ask for another serving. Instead of the usual spaghetti, we had penne so that eating will be less messy.


Oh yes, some kids still chose to eat their own baon. ūüė¶


This is how much was left after all the kids were served.
A lot, if you ask me!

The classmates ate in reusable plastic plates. For the teachers and staff, since they could not eat during the party, we had food containers for them. We brought home the leftovers

Here is a close up of the semi DIY cake that I am very proud of.


I ordered a cupcake-cake from Bianca’s Bakeshop but was not able to serve it in school because the party was cancelled. For this DIY cake, I ordered food from Red Ribbon nd asked the staff to write RAWR. I made a tiny party hat for the newly bathed T-rex toy.

Cute eh?


Photos by Eric of CasLow Photography

4 thoughts on “Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party: Cake and Pasta

  1. Nice party! I can’t wait for my kid to go to school and celebrate a party with her classmates. But one problem: her birthday’s on new year’s eve hehe

    Anyway, can I ask how to join the n@wie blogs? I saw it on you blog roll. I’m a N@wie too.

    1. Hi sis!Naku, pano yan? Tipid sa gift. One gift na lang for birthday, Xmas and NY!
      Sis, wala na atang N@wie blog eh. Ang POc natin ay si sis Roche.

      Happy new Year!

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