Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Homemade Volcano

This year, we spent countless hours and used bottles of vinegar making homemade volcanoes. For Aki’s dinosaur party, I wanted to bring the volcano project several pretty notches higher. With the help and guidance of my crafty sister-in-law Mae, we came up with this.



Aki and I showed the classmates how the volcano works.


As expected, we got their attention.


Everyone wanted to be the first to try making the volcano explode. Because it was Aki’s birthday, he got to choose which classmate goes next.


Even the most quiet kids excitedly participated in this activity.


This was taken after everyone had his turn. I was asking the teachers if we can have a couple more rounds while Aki was telling his classmates to calm down. hehe.

Because this activity was such a hit, I decided to donate the volcano to the school. Aki has been questioning that decision until now.

Will post the step by step instructions on how to make homamade volcano soon 🙂

Photos by Eric of CasLow Photography

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