Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Dino Stencil Shirts

Next activity in this dino party was making dino stencil shirts/sandos.

Prior the party, I made dino stencils usings sticker paper. Super thanks to Franco for making the templates and to my very crafty friend, Irene of Home-eco-nanay, for the tips! I put newspaper inside the shirts, transferred the stencils, and stretched the shirts using masking tape. Come party time, part of the excitement was letting the kids choose the shirt/dino that they will paint.



Teacher Joy, Teacher Tina and Teacher Me helped each kid  dip and dab and paint their chosen shirts.

Once painted, the shirts were hung outside to dry.


I got these 100% cotton Kentucky sandos from Divi for only 45 bucks.

I thought I hit the jackpot when I spotted the girly sandos for only 100 bucks for 3 pieces. Unfortunately, some of the sandos were too small for some classmates so I bought these shirts from our Sunday market in our parish for only 50 pesos each.

When the paint had dried, the teachers, Franco and I removed the sticker stencil and wrote the kid’s dinosaur names using a Sharpee pen.


Photos by Eric of CasLow Photography

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