Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dino 4th Birthday Party: Shadow Show and tell


Finally, I have time to blog. Actually, I had time last week but I just chose to be lazy. I was not in the mood to blog about Aki’s party given the situation in Leyte. Am glad that things are looking brighter now. Have you seen Anderson Cooper’s last report? I cried the whole 2 minutes. Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for showing the world the strength, courage and resiliency of the Filipino people. Let’s continue to pray for the Yolanda victims and share whatever we can spare to help them get back on their feet.

The reason why I have time to blog today is because I am on leave. The reason why I am on leave is because it is my birthday today. But the real reason why I need an extra day off is because Aki’s taking an entrance exam next week. I just learned last week. And because I am a panicky person who does not like to cram, I hate that we are only starting to prepare for this possibly life changing exam just now. Hay hay. Deep breath.

Good vibes. Good vibes.

Anyhoo, as I have shared last month, we celebrated Aki’s 4th birthday with a dinosaur themed party in school. Click here to check out our pop-up dino invite. Before we headed to the school, we had a quick photo session with Eric of Caslow Photography at home.

Some of my favorite pictures…






We were very fortunate because the teachers gave us an hour and a half for the party. It was a Friday, PE day. I asked teachers during the parents’ orientation in June  if I can get use the PE time for the activities that I prepared. They approved immediately or maybe they thought I was not serious about my party plans since school had not even started.

First activity of the day was the dinosaur shadow play.  It was a unique and interesting was to introduce the different kinds of dinosaurs to the kids. I reviewed Aki’s books to make sure I have something catchy to say like the T-rex head is as big as Teacher Joy or the Brachiosaur is as long as 2 buses together. Come party time, I forgot everything I researched and asked Aki to help me. If I have one wish, I wish we had a video so we can document the excited cheers and gasps of the kids. Several times, the teachers had to ask the kids to sit down and to talk one at a time.


This activity was pretty easy to prepare for. I asked the school staff to cover the windows with trash bags to ensure that the room was really dark.

For the shadows, this book is heaven-sent.


This book has a monster version. If you see one, do let me know, ok?

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