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Aki’s 4th Birthday Celebration @ Home

Because of Typhoon Whatchamacalit, we had to reschedule Aki’s school birthday party. The night before, I was already feeling antsy. When I woke up that morning, there was no rain at all so I thought everything was going to run smoothly as planned. My world crashed when Aki’s adviser confirmed via SMS that there won’t be classes that day. I wanted to cry and dwell on my disappointment but Franco and Aki did not let me. They were too happy that we were together. I tried to move on and reach out to my suppliers. Before 9AM, Monic of Good Eats,  brought the 2 trays of pasta that I ordered.


Only 400 per tray. You may reach Monic at 09498431796. I wish I had a signature pasta dish. Well, I kinda have one. My meatballs and marinara is always a hit but preparation can be quite a hassle. Plus, it is expensive since I use canned tomatoes.

Iya of Bianca’s Bakeshop brought the most adorable dino cake before lunch.


Remember the Hello, Cupcake book? I was so inspired. I was dead set on  having a cupcake-cake or pull-apart cake as Iya calls it. I am not sure if you notice but I ate 1/10th of the “grass” even before we served the cake. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go down, open the ref and wolf down the grass icing that I stored for special pick-me-up days. Frostings don’t taste the way they used to when I was a kid. Iya’s cupcakes brought back memories of my own birthday parties in Bayog with birthday cakes ordered from the neighborhood bakery. And isn’t that the cutest candle?

To satisfy my sweet tooth and to stop myself from eating the grass icing, Aki and I made crinkles from out Ghirardelli brownie mix. These babies did not look and taste like crinkles but they were yummy.
Later in the afternoon, we went to SM Bicutan. We promised Aki that we will watch Cloudy with Meatballs II and get him a Transformer book. As if the heavens were playing a trick on me, Cloudy was not yet showing in SMB and the Transformer book which I just saw in Booksale a couple of days ago was already gone. Six hours to go and we still did not have a birthday gift for our son. We checked the toy section of the department store. There were a lot of really cool Transformer toys but they were so expensive!! The cheapest Transformer robot was about 2K! Mygawd! There were cheaper and smaller Transformer toys but after inspecting them, it dawned to me that those robots do not have a fighting chance of staying intact for 3 days in the hands of Aki. Alas, lady luck was finally on my side when I went to McDonalds. The happy meal toy at that time was Pokemon. Prior that were the Coke glass and Smurfs. It had been over a month since they discontinued giving away Transformer robots. It was a long shot but I had to ask. I am the type who even if what I really want seems to be an impossibility, I really just have to try. Failing is fine but when I don’t even dare try or ask, I won’t be able to sleep. And guess what? I got Aki 3 Transformer robots and 10000 calories for myself after eating 3 happy meals. haha. I waited until the branch manager stepped away from the counter. I knew that if they still have Transformers, she would not yes to my request in front of many other customers. I followed the store manager and when I had the perfect moment, presented my plea. I told her that it is Aki’s birthday and I would really want to give him robots. I told her I know they follow the happy meal toy schedule but if there is a chance that she can make my son’s birthday more special, I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much, Ms Mcdonalds Store Manager! I am sorry I forgot your name but if you read this, I want you to know that I really appreciate that you scoured through your stockroom just to please a begging desperate customer. Btw, Aki had his McDonalds Kiddie Crew workshop in the SM Bicutan branch last summer. I can attest that the staff and officers are really good with kids.

The next day, October 12, Aki turned 4!! I woke up early to prepare our birthday rituals. Click here and here to see our past morning celebrations.

To my dismay, the birthday crown was no where to be found. I saw it last last December. My guess is Ate stored it in one of the boxes for Christmas decors. I had no time to go thru those boxes. So no birthday crown pictures on Aki’s 4th birthday 😦

Aki did not seem to mind. He was happy to see a cupcake and  a lit candle in front of his face as soon as he woke up.  This is muni-muni happy face.
He was in no mood to eat the cupcake so we moved on to the next surprise.


The first birthday gifts plus his Megatron robot were waiting in the hall but he had to use his super smashing powers to pass thru the birthday web first.


We spent rest of the morning going thru our photo and drawing birthday traditions.

In the afternoon, we prepped the house for the birthday celebration with Franco’s family. To my surprise, my Tita Sor and my nephews Tosi and Joaquin and the baby angel of the Lapinid clan, little Bella were able to make it. They informed me prior that it would be a challenge for them to go since it was the boys’ family day in school and bec of the typhoon.

Aki was beyond thrilled to see his cousins again.


My Elbi family was not able to go bec of the typhoon and also bec the Jyl and Rock need to review for their upcoming quarterly exams and bec my mom and my sister are competitive stage grandparent/parent.

It was a no fuss party. We served the cake and pasta. Franco just bought barbeque at our suki, Ambong’s. There are a number of barbeque stalls here in Dona Soledad but Ambong’s is our favorite.

Just want to share. Tita Sor taught me this trick. To make BBQ eating safe for kids, cover the pointy end of the stick with a small piece of crumpled aluminun foil.

Thank you Mama, Tatay, Josh, Ilyana, Ronald, Kuya Fiel, Mae, Rya, Tita Sor, Tito Sammy, Ate Donna, Tosi, Joaquin and Bella for your thoughful birtday gifts!!


Speaking of gifts, the last gift of the day ( we give 2 gifts, one in the morning and one just before Aki sleeps), was the chipipay Power Ranger Jungle Fury robot that Aki could not get his hands off of when we were in MCS. I really did not want to buy this toy but love at first sight was evident in my son’s eyes. Getting an original brand new Jungle Fury toys is almost impossible (and will probably cost us an arm and a leg) since this particular Power Ranger series was aired more than 6 years ago.  This chipipay toy is not so cheap ha. We got it for 400 pesos. Of the 4 animals that make up the robot, so far, only one has been dismembered. Aki still plays with the robot and the limbless lion everyday. I will wait til December before deciding if it was a good buy.

And just like that, I now have a 4 year old! Belated happy birthday, Akikoy!!

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