And the worst blogger award goes to…


worst blogger

Yikes! I feel so guilty. I know the feeling of taking time to leave a comment and excitedly checking the next day if the blogger replied or just posted the comment.  I am so so so sorry if I left anyone feeling unappreciated. Each and every comment makes me happy.  The reason why I don’t post comments right away is because I fear that I might not be able to go back to each one and reply. And the reason why I don’t reply right away is because I want to have sensible well-thought-of (not just “Thanks for dropping by!) replies. I know I should work replying on a timely manner. I know this is the part when I should promise that I will be better comment approver/replier but I know that with all the things happening, I don’t need to make any more promises that I know I can’t keep.

This morning, I promised myself that I will reply to 20 comments. But no, I spent the last hour and 15 minutes stalking people in Facebook. Now, the husband is calling me because our boxing lessons ( yup, the weakling couch potato me has been working out!) are about to start.

Sorry again! Please keep those comments coming.


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