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Our Son is a Model!

Yep! We are going to be rich!

His 2 Halloween costumes last year are featured in the latest issue of Smart Parenting issue.

I am glad the magazine indicated his full name. I would have wanted that they mentioned that the idea and materials were all from me but I am okay mention of the name. The assistant ed said they will include a link to my blog in the actual step-by-step post in the SP website. Let’s see.
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Memoirs of a Mummy · Photoshoots



There are a couple of things that I am really excited about. I might jinx myself for the nth time so I won’t disclose for now.

We had our photoshoot last Saturday.  Eric of CasLow Photography posted this picture the other day. Can’t wait to see the rest of the set. Like their FB page, here

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Do you also have an ant problem?

I would like to inform all the wives out there that there is hope. There is hope against our fight against ants. The ants who try to invade our home are little devils, I tell yah. I so hate it when I see Aki covered with bites. How dare they….They even try to get their share of our steamed rice. Put food on the table and they will be there in a minute or two. I thought ants only like sweet foods but no, they eat everything. We have to put the serving plate over a bowl of water to keep those ants away. Some of our ants are even suicidal. We have this food cover, a little plastic dome that we use to keep flies from infesting our food. Normally, we would put the serving plates or bowls over a shallow plate of water and then cover the whole thing with the food cover. Those nasty ants would climb the cover and skydive just to reach the food. Small but terrible. Well I am terrible-r than you, nasty ants! I show no mercy especially when someone or something tries to hurt my family.

Thanks to my favorite neighbor, my sister-in-law Mae, we discovered this product.


The idea here is that the ants will happy eat the gel and bring it to their queen. It will be too late when they all discover that the yummy gel they ate is actually poison. Bwahahahaha *evil laugh*

Just look for the ant trail. In our case, ant trailS.


Just looking at this pic makes me angry!


Put a drop or two near their exit points and watch the ants scamper to their death.


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Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms


Hello, October! Be nice, okay? Your sister, September, gave me an emotional rollercoaster ride. Since you are my favorite month of the year, I opened my eyes this morning full of optimism for me, my family and everyone I care about.  Aki’s birthday party, halloween costume, office halloween party, Christmas tree decorating, here I come!

This is my favorite time of the year because around this time 4 years ago, my life changed forever, for the better. I became a mom. I was telling a friend who was feeling low that maybe a new job is not the answer. Work is work. All jobs are both stressful and routinary.  I told her that when she becomes a mom, she’ll somehow stop stressing herself over the little things. Not that I am the perfect role model for being in the moment, letting go and achieving work-life balance. No one would want to live inside my brain. But since October 2009, I get to say, ” I have a son to raise, a husband to serve and a house to manage. I don’t have time for BS.” It is easier to see the big picture and not just live day after day if you have a family. Well at least for me. My life as it is, hectic. I don’t need to waste time and energy on things that do not matter.

Speaking of things that matter, I wish I kept my promise that I will be better at documenting Aki’s punchlines. This boy is riot. Everyone tells me that. Here are some of the hirits that I still remember


One evening…

Me: Akoykoy, have you brushed your teeth?
Aki (in robot voice): I’m..a…robot. Robot.. have.. no…teeth


One morning… I was still sleeping..

Aki: Mommy, milk please.
Me: I’m still sleepy. Baba ka. Hingi ka sa Ate mo. (go down and ask your Ate)
Aki: But, I am a baby minion. Baby minions can’t walk. Minions can’t move their arms.

Days after Father’s Day

Aki: Mommy, kelan ang  Happy Ate’s Day? (When is the Happy Nanny’s Day?)


I was getting ready for work

Me to Ate Dorina: Ate, di na ako kakain ng agahan. Balot mo na lang.
Aki: Mummy, no! Kain ka. Baka patay ka.


Time to sleep. After opening the bedroom door

Aki: Mummy, aircon please.
Me: Hindi. Electric fan lang tayo.
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