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Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Simple Pop-up Dino Invitation

Morning! Here is the first of a series of posts related to Aki’s dinosaur 4th birthday partey! Aki has obsessed with dinosaurs since the start of the year. He has dino toys, dino books, dino clothes and other dino things. When he told me that he wants to have a dinosaur party, the creative juices just  flowed in. There are a lot of dino parties in the net but I still want our party to be different. Not the biggest, but the Aki-est party. I want the details and activities to be fun in the eyes of my son. The first DIY project was this simple pop-up dinosaur party invite. Cute eh?

Photo by CasLow Photography

I got the inspiration from Aki’s Tyson the Terrible book which has a surprise pop-up at the end of the story. I looked for pop-up invite 101 online but did not find any that was easy enough to do. I studied Aki’s book and tried to recreate.

Everything starts with the template. Thank God for husbands who can draw.

Now, the tricky part. I suggest you practice with scratch paper a couple times first. Once you have your dino or any cut-out, you need to make a y-fold. I invented that word, just so you know. Hehe

Make a vertical fold in the lower half. Then, add a diagonal fold. Make another diagonal fold to complete your Y.

Lastly, fully fold all the creases.

Open your dino. You should get something like this.


Now you can beg, threaten, bribe kindly ask your child to color the dinosaurs. The paper that I used has texture which gave our cut-outs a scaly feel. I was too lazy to cut the mouth so I just colored it red.

Cut your cards, paste the lower body of your dino and write your message. If you did not standardize the folding, some cards will need to be taller or wider than the others.

For the final touch, insert the invites inside pockets or envelopes. This was not part of the plan but I figured if I don’t make envelopes, the teachers will tape the invite to the notebook. If that happens, the kids won’t be able to play with the invites.


That’s it! Easy-peasy, right? 🙂

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