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Playdate with my Favorite Bloggers

Morning! Can you believe it is Friday already? Long lazy weekend, here we come! Oh, I just realized that I don’t have the license to be lazy since Ate Doring is on vacation leave. The kapitan in her barangay sent money so she can go home and vote…. I know what you are thinking. .. oh well, who am I to stop her from her civic duty to exercise her to right to vote?

One thing I am so looking forward to this weekend is our playdate with Mapi and Ryken. So excited!

Speaking of playdates, looking at the blog posts of my mommy blogger friends reminded me of the long overdue post on our playdate last February. Or was this around March? Hehe. I missed the last get together, the baby shower for Aimee so I will definitely make sure that I will be present present present come our Christmas party.  It is so nice to see how the group has grown. Originally, which was 2 years ago, it was just me, Em, Dew, Maggie and Marsy. Now,  the circle is bigger with Sha, Aimee, Pepper, Faye, Erlaine, Peachy and our latest victims recruits Vivian and Ging. I hope I did not miss anyone. Hopefully this December, Sieggy, Lanie, Rachel, and Kaye will be able to join for the first time.

Anyhoot hoot, here are some of my favorite pictures from our Feb playdate at the Ayala Triangle Park. Special thanks to Dom of Studio 2916 for our gorgeous portraits

Here is Aimee and Tala


This is really nice, noh?


Pepper and A with Mark.


What I love about this shot is the joy and pride in the parents faces as they look at their pretty daughter.


Erl and Kelsea. I want a shot like these! I will bring Aki’s bike next time

IMG_2218 gool_0007

Maggie and her beautiful family. So so so thankful we have at least one friend who lives nearby


That’s one future heartbreaker looking straight at yah


Em and Akira


Who would have thought she was tantrum-my a few minutes ago? Like what I always say, in every playdate there will always be one kid who is not in the mood.:P


The very fashionable Dew, Randy and Raviv

ladaga_0006 IMG_1710How I wish Aki also looks at the camera and smiles on cue

The Ricafort Family


Oh all shots, this is my favorite! Sha looks like a highschool baby sitter. Cyler like all young toddlers like habulan. But it is CJ who I can’t stop looking at. With a bottle in one hand, a gadget for distracting, and Sha’s bag in his shoulder, he is the picture of the ultimate playdate daddy. hahahaha.


The playdate was made even more special because Fleur, everyone’s favorite blogger, dropped by.


It was nice to finally meet Wowa and pretty Anika.


Lastly, here are my family’s pictures.



Aki and Anika


Thanks again to Dom for taking our pictures. Please like Studio 2916 in Facebook.

See you this December, mommies!


10 thoughts on “Playdate with my Favorite Bloggers

  1. awwww… this looks soooo fun! i miss blogging so much! i miss all of you i stalk so much! hehehehe haven’t been blogging or even just bloghopping since the zambo siege…. and my lappy giving up on me after… hehehe hope to do this more often….

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