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Mystery Solved

Remember those chubby mysterious caterpillars that I blogged about here?
The mystery is now solved thanks to Bostjan who left this very informative comment all the way from Berlin

Speaking of comments, I have over a hundred comments that I have yet to approve, post and reply to. Apologies for the delay! Please know that each one of them is greatly appreciated.

Anyhoo, back to my chubby caterpillars. So they don’t turn into butterflies. Instead they become this gorgeous oleander hawk moth.


Photos grabbed from Wikipedia
I did not see them turn into cocoons because unlike butterfly caterpillars, they go to the ground, transform and hide among the leaves until hatch day. They are nocturnal which explains why I don’t see them. Oleander hawk moths are also wanderers. I hope they come back and visit us soon.

Thanks again, Bostjan!

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