Another Birthday Tradition: Coloring Pages

Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? I spent the whole Saturday in bed. Sunday on the other hand was a totally different story. We started the day with Aki’s martial arts training. Then, we played in a nearby park and had a photoshoot with Maggie and Lucas. Had early lunch with our photographers, Dom and Richard of Studio 2916. When I got home, the generous people from Bounty Fresh has sent me packs of their Chicken Torikatsu. Normally, I would be panicking if I come home at 12 NN with no idea what to serve for lunch. Franco comes home famished after his morning training. But because we got packs of Torikatsu from Bounty Fresh in the ref, it was so convenient to just open a pack and fry away. Best of all, hubby loved it. He ate 3 katsus in one seating. Thank you Bounty Fresh! I think it  was meant to be because I was planning on trying out the product after I saw their bus ads.  Don’t these look really yummy?

Top Torikatsu ClassicTop Torikatsu Cheese&Chives
After that all three of us napped in the sofa. When I  woke up, it was already 3PM and it was time to start working on Aki’s halloween costume! So glad we were able to finish in 1 hour. We got a surprise visit from Franco’s cousin, Marco and his cute baby boy Marcus. Later in the afternoon, we  supported a neigbor’s garge sale. Out total bill was 300 plus. I am so happy with our purchases. I will blog about them soon. The evening was spent watching Friends Season 4, which we bought from the garage sale for only 80 bucks per season.

Anyhoo, this post is really about another birthday tradition. Oh yes, I am addicted to birthday traditions.  Every year, on Aki’s birthday, we ask him to color the same picture. It is interesting to see how he has improved in just 2.5 years

We started this tradition when he was a year and a half.

at 2 years old


at 3. You can see that he made an attempt to color the balloon and cupcake red, the boy and party hat blue


and his latest at 4 yo!


Oh, learn more about Bounty Fresh’ Chicken Torikasu by visiting these sites

Top Torikatsu Product Classic Top Torikatsu Product Cheese&Chives


7 thoughts on “Another Birthday Tradition: Coloring Pages

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for this birthday coloring activity idea. I’ll be doing the same for my daughter. Your creativity helps a lot Maki that’s why I always check your blog whenever I have time. It is worth visiting. Continue the good work.

  2. We love Bounty Fresh Torikatsu! I love the classic flavor. And you know what Maquibels? I realized we never had a birthday tradition for Cyler, I guess we need to make one so we can document his improvement and changes every year. Thanks for sharing this idea, sis!

    PS. Miss you a lot!

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