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One of My Worst Fears Just Happened

Since I got engaged 6 years ago, I’ve been fearing that it might rain on my party. Even before Franco proposed, he really wanted to get married in Don Bosco. But because that area of Makati is propone to floods, we decided to cancel our reservation and move to Magallanes. Since then, I’d regularly check the weather forecast whenever I have an event. I silently say a prayer whenever there is a typhoon on a weekend for the brides and grooms scheduled to get married that day. When classes are suspended because of typhoon,  I feel sad for the mothers whose kids were supposed to have a birthday celebration in school.  Today, I am on of those poor mothers.

I was making dinosaur tortilla pizza.

If you are going to try this, opt for the ordinary tortilla. They are easier to manage than the whole wheat variety. Also, don't forget the legs which I did not bother adding bec I am too depressed
If you are going to try this, opt for the ordinary tortilla. They are easier to manage than the whole wheat variety. Also, don’t forget the legs which I did not bother adding bec I am too depressed

Ate was chopping the veggies for the pancit for her yaya friends (apparently, it is an issue with the yayas when they are not given food during school parties, according to Ate Dorina).  My world crashed when Teacher Joy informed me via SMS around 6:10AM that classes today are suspended. Waaaah! I went on leave yesterday to finish all the party preps.  Yesterday was a big day in the office and I had to miss it. I had to miss my favorite and one and only boss’s, of 10 years, last day.  I hate how unpredictable the weather is.  Yesterday it was so hot. I went to Aki’s school and gave last minute reminders to the staff.  Please remove the tarps even for just one day. Please put the clothesline here. Please  cover these windows.  Now, classes are suspended because the signal number 1 is up. Worst, it is not even raining today!!!! As soon as I got the teacher’s advisory, I ran to Franco to vent. He said, “Ok lang yan (It’s okay)” . He went back to sleep and did not wake up until 10 minutes later.  When he woke up finally, we discussed the reschedule. No can’t do on Monday because it is the launch date of one of Franco’s many projects. Fine! I suggested Wednesday.  Franco, blurted out without thinking, “What if we cancel the whole thing?”.  He just verbally agreed to his death penalty. I turned into an evil minion for 5 seconds. Poor husband. He did not deserve my wrath. Being an August baby, he is used to typhoons ruining his birthday.

I informed  Iya, my cake supplier and Monica my pasta supplier to just deliver my orders at my house. At least we can serve those tomorrow when we celebrate with Franco’s family.  Eric of Caslow Photography who was supposed to cover the event just left his place.  We are still coordinating with Aki’s teachers and Eric for the best date for the reschedule.  The boys are watching the 1986 cartoon version of Transformers The Movie (for the nth time!).


Ate has moved on and is now  working on the moss in our garage. I am still pissed at Mother Nature. Of all the days in a year, why today?  I know the world has bigger problems but on his very moment, I just want to be selfish and take all these disappointment and frustration in so that later I can finally move on.

Please send your cyber hugs to me and don’t forget to greet Aki, a happy happy birthday!

13 thoughts on “One of My Worst Fears Just Happened

  1. I feel you sista. We were supposed to celebrate Tala’s school party last Friday but then classes got suspended. She didn’t feel so bad about it in fact, she was happy that there were no classes. Spoke to the teacher to move the party to Monday. And then BAM! classes got suspended again due to INC events. Tomorrow’s a holiday so that leaves us with Wednesday. I’m so not up for it anymore but what the heck, I already prepared the loot bags and there’s a super cute cake sitting in our fridge so might as well. haha.

    Belated Happy Birthday Aki!

  2. Cyber hugs, Maqui! I feel you! Bakit kasi tag-ulan ang mga birthday ng anak nten no?

    Happy, Happy birthday, Aki!
    Continue being a good boy to mommy and daddy 🙂

    -Tita Em, Tito Khan and Akira

  3. awww…virtual hug to you, maqui! been looking forward for aki’s birthday entry every year… I know how much effort you put into it kse…ok, i’ll stop here… hugs ulit! happy birthday to Aki! 🙂

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